Sony, Spyglass Reveal Horror Metaverse Survive Thanksgiving

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    Sony Pictures and Spyglass Media Group launched horror game Metaverse Survive Thanksgiving on Tuesday. The companies collaborated with AI and Metaverse developer MeetKai to create an immersive experience based on the upcoming horror film “Thanksgiving.”

    Thanksgiving The story is set in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the town where the Thanksgiving tradition was born. The slasher film, scheduled to be released in U.S. theaters on November 17th, follows a mysterious killer named John Carver who begins terrorizing a town during Thanksgiving.

    The killer kills the residents one by one, and what begins as a random revenge murder soon turns out to be part of a larger, more sinister holiday plot. Primus must unravel the murderer and survive the holiday. Otherwise, they will be guests at his distorted holiday dinner table.

    horror of the metaverse

    A MeetKai spokesperson told MetaNews: survive thanksgiving It will “seamlessly integrate the cinematic storyline into the Metaverse” and allow first-person game players to experience what he calls “a new level of interactive horror.”

    “Our Metaverse technology offers an innovative approach to storytelling and thrilling new ways for audiences to engage with movies, blurring the line between virtual reality and the silver screen,” a spokesperson said in a statement. Stated.

    The game was released on Meet Kai The Metaverse platform is said to have over 50 million users around the world. The Los Angeles-based company uses AI and so-called “digital twin” technology to create realistic replicas of movie merchandise and products that can be purchased in-game.

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    In the Survive Thanksgiving Metaverse, users come face-to-face with a terrifying killer who is terrorizing once-peaceful Plymouth with holiday-themed murders. Fans can choose from three realistic 3D avatars as he escapes from the town killer Carver while exploring his six locations featured in the movie.

    “Users can unlock new gamified player experiences by exploring the hallways of Plymouth High School, interacting with frightened residents on Main Street, overcoming challenges, and discovering Easter eggs along the way. ,” a MeetKai spokesperson explained.

    “To further enhance the user experience, we use official movie soundtracks to increase anticipation and anxiety as users move through each space.”

    Other interactive locations include the gym, diner, basement/dining room, and ax-throwing game. This experience can be accessed in any web browser (including on a mobile or desktop device using a virtual reality (VR) headset.

    Take advantage of new trends

    Sony Pictures and Spyglass Media’s entry into the metaverse is part of a broader trend among major media companies. In recent months, brands like Disney, Warner Music Group, and Universal have all created their own Metaverse experiences with The Sandbox.

    A new frontier where people can explore new worlds, meet new people, and create new experiences, the Metaverse is seen as a huge opportunity for media companies to reach new audiences and generate new revenue streams.

    In May, the BBC announced that its popular TV shows Doctor Who and Top Gear would launch in the Metaverse. This is part of the British broadcaster’s “ambitious plans to grow the brand into new categories through innovative technology”.

    The Metaverse is a virtual world that can be accessed through various devices such as VR headsets and smartphones. It is considered the next generation of the internet and is already being used by many companies such as Meta, Microsoft, and Roblox.


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