Spotify Won’t Ban AI Music Completely, Says CEO

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    Spotify has no plans to completely ban AI-generated music from its music streaming platform, according to company boss Daniel Ek.

    In an interview with the BBC, Ek acknowledged that there are good and bad uses for AI in music.

    “Three bucket” technology

    The use of AI has recently sparked debate among supporters of the technology, while some artists and listeners have openly questioned its use on ethical grounds.

    Spotify’s chief hinted that the music platform employs AI in music production and has no intention of completely removing it from its catalog, saying it can enhance music production. However, it is unacceptable to use an artist’s voice without their consent.

    “I can imagine someone uploading a song claiming to be Madonna, even if it’s not Madonna,” he says. Said During the interview.

    “We’ve seen just about everything people try to do with our system at this point in Spotify’s history,” he said.

    Ek described AI as a “three bucket” technology with tools that can improve music, such as auto-tuning. The second aspect of his he mentioned is a tool that can imitate or clone an artist’s voice, and the third scenario is a tool that can create music using AI inspired by existing artists. There is a need to generate music without having to manipulate an existing artist’s style.

    Of the three categories, Ek believes that using auto-tune or similar tools is acceptable, but imitating an artist is completely unacceptable, and the last form is somewhere in between.

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    AI discussion

    Ek also emphasized that the use of AI in music will always spark debate as music and arts industry stakeholders continue to weigh the pros and cons of the technology.

    Earlier this year, Spotify It was deleted From that platform, it offered AI-generated songs featuring the voices of Drake and The Weeknd. The song, titled “Heart on My Sleeve”, caused discussion and sparked a lot of interest. It has been viewed more than 8.5 million times on TikTok, and the full version has been played 254,000 times on Spotify in just one week since posting.

    Later, the author’s ghostwriter tried to nominate it for a Grammy Award, but it was rejected.

    Commenting on the song, rapper and actor Ice Cube has been vocal about calling AI “the devil,” adding that the practice is “terrible.”

    Drake himself also expressed his displeasure with the track. Universal Music Group (UMG) has written to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to prevent AI companies from accessing their libraries.

    Apart from the song “Heart on My Sleeve,” the Financial Times report In May, it was announced that Spotify had removed thousands of songs from its platform after it was discovered that bots were being used to inflate streaming numbers.

    Guardrail improvements

    Ek hinted that Spotify will improve its handling of AI-generated music on its streaming platform, although it has already identified challenges that may conflict with the company’s principles when it comes to using AI.

    “We have a very large team working on exactly these kinds of problems,” he said.

    nevertheless spotify has not yet banned AI music on its platform, but the use of the content to train AI models remains restricted.

    Meanwhile, Ek also talked about Spotify’s investment in podcasts. In the same interview, he talked about his podcasts, including those involving celebrities such as the Obamas and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


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