Startbahn to Provide Startrail API at TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s Metaverse Event. NFT Rewards Will Be Distributed to Event Visitors

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    TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s WEC Fuji Metaverse event marks the second time Startbahn has provided NFT technology to Toyota. Startbahn previously provided NFT technology to Toyota at the Toyota Automobile Museum.

    Tokyo, September 8, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Startburn Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) TokyoPresident and CEO: Taihei Shii, Startbahn (hereinafter referred to as Startbahn) will provide the Startrail API at the metaverse event “WEC Fuji Metaverse” that will be held from March 2018. September 8th to 10th This is a sports event sponsored by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (hereinafter referred to as TGR), a motorsports specialty company of Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Toyota).

    • Project background

    TGR will hold an online event “WEC Fuji Metaverse”. September 9th Along with the large championship FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) to be held on the 10th (Sat) and 10th (Sun) at Fuji Speedway, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan from September 8 10th (Sunday) from 2023 (Friday). Visitors to the WEC Fuji Metaverse will receive NFTs as a reward for completing event requirements. Startbahn’s Startrail API will be used to fully deploy this exciting initiative.

    Startbahn previously provided NFT technology to Toyota. January 24, 2023 (Tuesday)~ February 28, 2023 The Toyota Museum will allow visitors to easily collect NFTs through QR codes through a web-based app called FUN FAN NFT. The WEC Fuji Metaverse event marks the second time that Startbahn has provided NFT technology to Toyota.

    • What is WEC Fuji Metaverse?

    WEC Fuji Metaverse will be held September 9th The event consists of an online platform where visitors can immerse themselves in Fuji Raceway, learn about the circuit, cars and WEC, and view car specs and videos. You can also experience the Fuji Space Navigation Course from above and observe the changes in the course. Visitors can earn his NFTs by validating his three content metrics through these experiences.

    Startburn has built an NFT mint site (external site) for visitors who meet NFT earning requirements. This site is connected to the Startrail API provided by Startbahn.

    [Metaverse URL]

    • Reward NFT details

    There will only be 360 ​​NFTs (first come, first served) in the WEC Fuji Metaverse, all with different designs, capturing TGR’s special vehicles from different angles, and each featuring the signatures of six drivers. These NFTs are only available on the WEC Fuji Metaverse.

    Startbahn is a leading art tech company in Japan that aims to enrich society by providing necessary technology to artists and all those involved in the creative industry. Startbahn operates Startrail, a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that ensures authenticity, reliability, and traceability of works.

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    Startrail is a sustainable, scalable solution that ensures authenticity, authenticity, and traceability of artworks, from physical works such as paintings, sculptures, and installations to data-driven digital works such as images, video, and audio. blockchain infrastructure. Startrail functions as a collection management tool that can seamlessly manage terms of use such as secondary distribution, and due to the nature of blockchain, recorded information cannot be deleted, tampered with, or duplicated. To make Startrail easily accessible, Startbahn offers a suite of products including web applications, APIs, and NFC tags for physical objects. Startrail is currently used by major galleries, IP holders, e-commerce platforms, art fairs, collectors, artists, and foundations.

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