Statter Network (STT) Lands on HTX (Huobi) Exchange, Heralding the Development Trend of the Cryptocurrency Market in 2024

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    Statter Network (STT) has landed on HTX (Huobi) Exchange.

    As a major project in the field of Metaverse and DePIN, Statter Network leverages advanced technical advantages to provide comprehensive resources and services for the development and operation of Metaverse applications, and also sets a benchmark for the development of the DePIN industry. doing. On February 8th, the HTX (Huobi) exchange announced the listing of Statter Network (STT), a popular Metaverse + DePIN project, and on February 15th he plans to launch STT/USDT trading. This move means HTX is accelerating the rollout of potential new projects. This directly increased STT's profile and global influence.

    After more than two years of Bitcoin-led bear markets, the cryptocurrency market began to improve in 2023, with registration fever within the Bitcoin ecosystem leading the market to a small peak. In early 2024, the successful approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the US SEC began a large influx of capital into the crypto industry. Although we are currently in a correction period and the positive news seems to have run out, the outlook for the crypto industry in 2024 remains hopeful. Factors such as the BTC halving, the BTC ecosystem, DePIN, modular blockchain, the Metaverse, high performance multi-chain compatibility, and Inscription innovation could all be key drivers of a new bull market.

    STT, which is about to be launched on HTX, combines all these elements and shows that understanding the Statter Network means understanding the development trends of cryptocurrencies in 2024.

    Halving concept

    Statter Network's consensus mechanism is SPoW (Segmented Proof of Work), a segmented proof of work mechanism. This mechanism ensures network security while improving mainnet operational efficiency. Since the mainnet launch, STT has been steadily producing blocks for over half a year, attracting a large number of miners and mining pools from all over the world. With Statter Network about to go public on his HTX, more investors and developers are rapidly starting to enter the space.

    Bitcoin will reach its halving in April 2024 at the same time as the STT reduction. STT's economic model provides for a 25% reduction in production every 12 months. Based on past cycle developments, the post-rate cut period is often the beginning of a bull market, and is just the beginning of expectations and imagination for STT.

    Metaverse and DePIN

    DePIN is not a brand new truck, but it is definitely the next hotspot for capital pursuits. From the perspective of the direction of ecological development, STT should be classified into the category of metaverse. STT is part of the DePIN ecosystem due to its proof-of-work mechanism and therefore spans two of his currently most-watched tracks.

    Dual track attributes make STT more reliable. Neither Statter Network nor his STT itself can be avoided when pursuing hotspots in the 2024 market. Developers are active in developing on thriving public chains, such as the currently popular Solana, and speculators are actively developing on thriving public chains, such as the currently popular Solana, and speculators are seeing large amounts of speculative capital and injected FOMO, such as the recent Inscription boom. prefers to invest in projects that are developed. For the foreseeable future, in 2024, everyone, whether developers or speculators, will be investing in his DePIN, Metaverse, and open compatible STT.

    Drag-and-drop public chain technology and modular layering

    If each public chain needs to be assigned a technical label, a suitable label for STT would be “drag-and-drop public chain technology”, a convenient public chain development technology based on a powerful component library. This is very helpful for developers and entrepreneurs to quickly set up new public chains with their STT. His STT development schedule is currently making significant progress on this technology and will be available to the public soon.

    For STT, focusing on metaverse ecology development services inevitably involves handling large amounts of data processing requests and complex calculations. Therefore, a fine division of labor becomes very important, and modular blockchains are the best solution at the moment. Drag-and-drop public chain technology flexibly supports this technological revolution, making STT's move to modular blockchain a natural technological progression.

    High-performance multi-chain virtual machine compatibility

    Currently, a single chain on Statter Network can achieve 100,000 level TPS, and transaction confirmations can be performed in seconds. Its performance is impressive on any truck, not to mention it significantly outperforms the majority of trucks.

    With current performance, ecological evolution of the Statter Network is fully supported and has performance margins at this stage. To facilitate the rapid development of the STT ecosystem at this stage and take full advantage of the remaining performance, STT developers have introduced multi-chain virtual machine compatibility technology. This technology extends the scope of the ecosystem to other public chains and attracts more applications to migrate to the STT chain. Among the public chains confirmed to be supported is ETH, which has been lackluster over the past year, both in terms of price and environmental development. The interoperability of the STT public chain gives ETH developers better options.

    As the world's leading digital asset trading platform, HTX (Huobi) is committed to providing users with safe, efficient and convenient digital asset trading services. The listing of his STT on HTX will undoubtedly further expand its global influence and attract more users and developers to focus and participate in building his STT metaverse.

    The launch of Statter Network on the HTX platform brings new investment opportunities to users. With the metaverse gradually becoming a reality, Statter Network, with its advanced technology and broad outlook, is expected to be a bright new star in the field of digital asset investment. Investors can trade STT on the HTX platform, position in promising sectors before major bull markets arrive, accumulate valuable coins, reap early dividends on Metaverse and DePIN sector developments, and use Statter You can expect the best network performance (STT) on the HTX platform. Together, everyone will witness the bright future of the Metaverse and his DePIN.

    Company Overview: Statter Network aims to build high-performance, highly secure infrastructure for Metaverse developers, creators, and players. Generating a new blockchain is as easy as building Legos using Statter's pioneering drag-and-drop technology, allowing you to add your business to the blockchain in no time. Creators should only focus on innovation and R&D for their business.

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