Study on the industrial metaverse by Nokia & EY

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    Nokia and EY We have just published a study working metaverse, about the industrial metaverse and what it is expected to be. The study surveyed 860 business leaders in the US, Brazil, UK, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

    EY leverages data, technology and a diverse global team to create long-term value for clients across assurance, consulting, legal, strategy, tax and transaction.

    Nokia Bell Labs applies its expertise in mathematics, physics, computing and engineering to solve client problems. The company aims to pursue responsible and sustainable technology solutions. Nokia Bell Labs believes that the best research is done collaboratively, and that’s where EY comes in.

    Joint research results show that companies already deploying industrial metaverse use cases reported more benefits than those still in the planning stages, notably in the following areas: .

    • 15% reduction in capital investment
    • Sustainability 10%
    • Improved safety 9%

    Enterprises recognized the need for adequate infrastructure and robust analytics when working with metaverse use cases. Respondents said they prioritized the technical enablers essential to meet the demands of such use cases.

    • Cloud Computing 72%
    • AI/ML 70%
    • Network connectivity 68-70%

    Thierry KleinPresident, Solutions Research Division, Bell Labs Nokia Bell Labssaid his impressions.

    “The first-of-its-kind study highlights that connectivity, cloud computing and AI/ML are key technologies to meet the demands of Industry 4.0. Delivering interactive and contextually optimized end-user experiences requires mission-critical communications, flexible edge computing platforms, and advanced analytics capabilities.This report highlights our commitment to Industry 4.0. is strongly aligned with Nokia Bell Labs’ research on networking, software, AI, and automation technologies.Given the complexity and breadth of solutions required to successfully deploy Metaverse use cases, many of companies continue to rely on partners to deliver the technology capabilities they need, and collaboration and ecosystem partnerships are essential to unlocking the full potential of the industrial metaverse.”

    “The industrial and corporate metaverse is here, and this research shows a clear demand for these technologies, such as augmented reality and digital twins, to achieve business goals,” he said. Vincent Douin, Executive Director of Business Consulting and Business Transformation at EY. “We are already seeing many organizations move beyond the planning stage and see tangible benefits from their early deployments.”


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