Supercharging Connected Technologies Across Retail and CPG Industries

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    At the heart of the connected retail experience is the need to simplify the buyer’s journey end-to-end. We focus on providing our customers with a consistent, convenient and unified shopping experience regardless of the shopping platform. This allows customers to choose their trading location and seamlessly transition between channels, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Vijay Verma, executive vice president of HCL America Inc.A connected ecosystem offers many business benefits such as enhanced Increase your return on investment (ROI) through inventory management, faster time to market, and improved operational efficiency.

    In less than 15 years, the retail industry has gone from bricks-and-mortar to digital to omnichannel and shows no sign of stopping. With technology no longer allowing people to shop the way they used to, the omnichannel shopping experience has become an ever-evolving term. In the rapidly evolving retail world, what was considered an omnichannel retail experience just a few years ago feels sluggish compared to new possibilities. Advances in technology, the rise of mobility and personal devices, and the rise of social media channels have fundamentally changed customer expectations.

    The aftermath of recent global lockdowns and quarantines is accelerating change with new retail experiences powered by the metaverse and augmented reality. Today, retailers support omnichannel shopping experiences across multiple customer touchpoints, truly blurring the lines between offline and online channels. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, 73 percentopen a new window