TEILOR celebrates its 25th anniversary by launching the brand in the Metaverse

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    TEILOR, a luxury jewelery retail chain based in the Central and Eastern Europe region, celebrated its 25th anniversary with BRAND MINDS 2023.

    tailor The story began 25 years ago on the street with the same name. Currently deployed in her five countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. His TEILOR, a partner of BRAND MINDS, commemorates the 25th anniversary of its foundation, Exclusive. At the same time, the brand launched his TEILOR 25 video campaign in front of his over 6,000 audience. This presence was also marked by a booth where visitors could view and try on 25 of his iconic jewels from the brand’s collection, a natural association with this milestone.

    “25 years is just the beginning in the luxury industry. TEILOR is a brand with values ​​inspired by its Romanian roots and started with a dream that got us here. 25 years later. , we are ready to cross new boundaries and limits with courage and determination.” To tell Florin Enache, founder of TEILOR.

    The concept of video BRAND MINDS is a tribute to youth. Shots taken in the last few years’ international campaigns, and presence at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, all reflect the brand’s ambition and courage. The scene with Catrinel Marlon, the brand’s international ambassador, was complemented by stunning jewelery that was also on display at the BRAND MINDS booth.

    “We have proposed a reinterpretation of the last 25 years. For the brand and team they mean ambition, vitality and constant renewal. Maintaining a youthful spirit with energy This year BRAND MINDS looked to the audience with a vision of the future: ‘Keep young’ with an exhilarating claim. ”say Iulia Novac, Head of Brand & Communications @TEILOR.

    To celebrate its 25th anniversary, TEILOR is coming to the Metaverse with the opening of a store in a virtual world created through a partnership with Xclusiverse. A space where anyone who creates an account can explore and try on his TEILOR jewellery, each piece is linked to his TEILOR website. The BRAND MINDS experience was complemented by a contest where the winner was awarded a tennis diamond his bracelet after registering for the Metaverse.

    Evolution is part of the brand’s DNA, and every step TEILOR takes proves that fact. From opening his first store to entering his four international markets to creating an impressive jewelery collection, each step has strengthened its position. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the brand continues its expansion plans and by 2024 TEILOR will focus on strengthening its presence in existing markets.

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