The 3 Best Metaverse Stocks to Buy for April 2023

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    The hype has died down, but the world of virtual reality known as metaverse It continues to be developed. Businesses large and small continue to look for ways to move into the digital realm, which is still in its early stages of research and market Predict that the metaverse is possible Generate $700 billion in annual revenue By 2030, the revenues of a wide range of companies are expected to increase, growing at around 40% per annum over the decade from now.Many consumers continue to strong believer in the metaverse Merging with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital goods. Just a few weeks ago it was reported that someone paid him over $100,000 for digital his sneakers that could only be worn in the Metaverse (about it below). As the digital world continues to grow, we take a look at his three best Metaverse stocks to buy in April 2023.

    meta meta platform $216.10
    NVDA NVIDIA $270.37
    NKE Nike $120.22

    Buy Metaverse Stocks: Meta Platform (META)

    Meta Written by Google - A man wearing virtual reality goggles inside the Metaverse.  The FTC is investigating his META.

    Source: Aleem Zahid Khan /

    We’ve scaled back the amount of money and resources we put into the metaverse, meta platform (Nasdaq:meta) remains a leader in the development of virtual realms. At the end of March, Nick Clegg, Head of Global Affairs at Meta Platforms, said: The future of computing It still happens within the metaverse. The company also has a lot of sunk costs in the virtual world. spent $13.7 billion on its development 2022.

    moreover, virtual reality headset The Meta Platform was developed to give people access to the Metaverse, which many people use to play video games, and it continues to sell well.

    Still, the bottom line is that Meta Platforms remains a top priority for a company that is deeply involved in the metaverse and has gone so far as to completely rebrand itself to reflect its focus on the digital world. META inventory is top performer of the year Up 80% since January.


    A close up of a mobile phone screen with nvidia logo letters on a computer keyboard.  NVDA stock.

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    Speaking of tech stocks that have rebounded strongly this year, NVIDIA (Nasdaq:NVDA)? Designers of semiconductors and microchips are not directly involved in creating the Metaverse. However, its semi-finished products and chips are the key components that make virtual worlds possible. Without chips, the metaverse is impossible.

    This knowledge also helps Nvidia technology Enhance artificial intelligence (AI) Chatbot stocks are up 85% so far this year.

    Nvidia recently announced partnership and microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFTMore) develops a new metaverse platform for the Azure cloud computing platform. The company also Introduced a new server It is called “OVX 3”, which was built to create and operate the Metaverse.

    Nvidia also continues to develop ever more advanced semiconductors and microchips that will help companies realize their vision of the Metaverse.

    Metaverse Stock to Buy: Nike (NKE)

    Stack of red Nike (NKE) shoe boxes.

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    You may be asking, “Why are sneaker companies mentioned in this article?” Nike (New York Stock Exchange:NKE) because athletic apparel companies have done more to develop their brands, Presence in the MetaverseLast fall, Nike announced it would open a virtual sneaker online store and trading platform in the Metaverse. The company executive also embarked on his six-city tour of the United States to educate consumers about web3, the metaverse, and blockchain technology.

    Nike now has a design team dedicated to developing digital sneakers and other products for sale on the Metaverse.We have also applied for multiple trademarks for virtual goods and opened virtual worlds roblox (New York Stock Exchange:RBLX).

    In addition, Nike has Buy Virtual Sneaker Creator RTFKT (pronounced “artifact”). Last year, NKE reported making around $200 million from selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital products.

    This March, Nike Sold NFT sneakers $130,000 and called “Cryptokicks”. People who buy sneakers can wear them in the Metaverse (where else?). NKE’s share price has risen 33% over the past six months.

    On the publication date of this paper, Joel Baglole held long positions on MSFT and NVDA. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

    Joel Baglole has been a business journalist for 20 years. He spent five years as a reporter on the staff of The Wall Street Journal, in Washington, D.C., The Post and Toronto. increase.


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