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    ImpreSoft’s perspective

    Impresoft CEO Alessandro Geraldi spoke about the technology opportunity at the IBM Leaders & Tech Community meeting in September.

    By editorial staff

    Published October 20, 2023

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    how Metaverso Could it also be useful in the corporate world? Alessandro Gerardi, Impresoft Group CEOsomeone who spoke during a meeting of Community IBM Leaders and Technicians “The Metaverse is not a finished or dead technology, as some have said, but rather has the potential to be used specifically within enterprises. One possible application is certainly training. We all know that today, training is done very little and in a boring way that does not give very good results. Thank you. And perhaps the Metaverse How to improve your learning system. And digital companies like Impresoft have ambitions to lead the way in this space. ”

    But as with any potentially high-risk job, there are other uses as well. “We’ve seen some industrial use cases in this sense. But the Metaverse… ability to attract customersIn the world of banking and finance, most people no longer go to branches and want to continue interacting digitally. It’s clear that the metaverse is a new world, requiring investment in applications, infrastructure, and data security, but it also requires careful attention to legal issues. This is a major challenge that national systems can address. Certainly today there are technologies that are considered more attractive, such as: A.I.As Impresoft we are definitely focused on this, but Metaverse can definitely open up new spaces of testing opportunities” Gerardi concluded.


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