The Development of the Meta-universe Industry in 2023 was Effective Further Accelerating the Development Pace

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    As 2023 draws to a close, looking back over the past year, we see that the technology industry has steadily developed, with companies upstream and downstream in the industry chain collaborating, 5G industrial applications, and arithmetic networks accelerating the metauniverse. . , big models, and innovation. Innovative companies lead the future of their industry.

    meta universe market

    The global meta-universe has woken up from the darkness of industrial takeoff frenzy and is continually adjusting its direction, rearranging its formations, and adjusting its combat tactics to reach the strategic destination of Internet 3.0's digital and real integration. continues to move towards. Therefore, this article organizes the industrial development pulse in 2023 based on the latest results of industrial development, and looks back on the development process of the metauniverse in 2023 with everyone, thereby reconsidering the metauniverse industry from an industry perspective. It leads to .

    Although the market environment is showing some weakness, the metauniverse field is experiencing unprecedented changes. According to Analytics Insight, the Metaverse market is expected to grow significantly, from $68.49 billion in 2022 to $128.98 billion by 2024. This trend shows that the Metaverse field remains dynamic and will continue to drive the growth of related industries.

    In addition to its impact on the economic sector, the Metaverse is evolving into a multifunctional digital space that is central to the social, entertainment, and collaboration sectors. Metaverse offers a variety of virtual environments to meet users' needs for social gatherings, gaming, education, remote work, and more. Broad coverage of all aspects of life makes the Metaverse a versatile and comprehensive digital world.

    Overall, the thriving virtual economy within the Metaverse is driving the rapid growth of the Metaverse economy. Businesses and individuals are actively looking for innovative ways to monetize digital products, services, and experiences. This trend has paved the way for the emergence of new economic models, and many companies have followed this trend to build vibrant markets in the digital space.

    Roblox (RBLX)

    Roblox is a well-known online platform and game creation system that features millions of user-generated games and experiences, making it the central hub for interactive entertainment in the Metaverse. With its exceptional immersive experience and large user base, it has had a significant impact on shaping gaming and socialization in the Meta Universe.

    Meta (META)

    To realize Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg's dreams for the future of virtual worlds, Meta's two major long-term investments in future technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Metaverse, are both expected to make major advances in 2023. has been achieved. begin to intersect.

    Advances in Meta in 2023 mean generative AI will be at the heart of the world's most popular apps. Mixed reality is now at the heart of mass-market headgear. And for the first time, Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses will allow AI to see the world from the perspective of the masses. Additionally, the company invests billions of dollars in MetaUniverse technology every quarter, highlighting Meta's role in pushing immersive technology out of the niche gaming space and into the Metauniverse mainstream.

    Meanwhile, Meta debuted its Quest 3 VR headset in October this year for $499. The company's second-generation Ray-Ban glasses went on sale last October for $299. Mehta hopes these devices will become another way to realize Zuckerberg's virtual meta-universe vision.

    Apple (AAPL)

    Apple announced the Vision Pro headset in June of this year, and it's scheduled to go on sale next year for $3,499. Apple has had tremendous success with consumer devices, and the Vision Pro has great potential in combination with products such as his iPhone and iPad.

    The debut of the Vision Pro headset could also play a key role in driving the emerging VR and AR market in 2024, according to IDC research. At his September press conference on the state of the VR and AR market, industry insiders noted the following about Apple's entry: It will draw widespread attention to the metauniverse market, but it will also force other companies to compete differently.

    On top of that, Apple is producing Vision Pro at full speed in China for a new product launch in February. Apple is ramping up production of its Vision Pro mixed reality headset, and the new product has been in full production at a factory in China for several weeks, people familiar with the matter said. The goal is to have the device ready for customers by the end of January and to launch it in retail channels the next month, people said.

    Tencent (TCEHY)

    Tencent is a multinational conglomerate with a strong presence in the technology and entertainment sectors. Tencent is investing heavily in gaming, virtual reality, and other metauniverse-related businesses, not only for growth and profitability, but also to enable companies in a wide range of metauniverse-related industries to quickly develop and realize iterative technologies. has made investments. upgrade.

    Tencent plays a key role in shaping the gaming and social aspects of the Metaverse with its strong investment portfolio and strategic partnerships.

    WiMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI)

    The Metaverse industry is booming, companies are rapidly entering the space, and the future is promising. According to the data, WiMi as a benchmark company in the meta universe is based on mobile communication system 5G computing network, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other integrated technology ecology.

    To date, WiMi has provided comprehensive support for meeting Meta Universe's business demands for low-latency, high-density, and high-bandwidth communication services in access to 5G baseband and scalable arithmetic cloud computing fundamental support. I've been working on building a service. Industry convergence will significantly reduce the metauniverse experience of required computing power. Consumers come together to realize his XR virtual digital person identity and create a new scale metauniverse experience with physical space as the core, digital space empowerment, digital space as the core, and physical space support. We support you.

    At the same time, WiMi, centered on artificial intelligence and other new technologies, will transform traditional industries, bring more possibilities to the future, focus on the meta-universe of new integrated digitalization goals, and transform the digital and real economies. Facilitate deeper levels of integration. Form industrial support, accelerate the integration of science and technology innovation chain with industrial chain and talent chain, and make accurate decisions on industrial digital transformation, future technology development, digital intelligence integration, virtualization and talent integration. To do. We will study the multi-directionality of the symbiosis of reality and other metauniverses, and jointly explore the future development trends of artificial intelligence, metauniverses and other technologies.


    Metauniverse is a digital society based on the 3D spatio-temporal Internet that blends reality and virtual reality, improving and optimizing the physical world through digital twins and increasing productivity and control levels. We will create innovation and creativity through digital natives, enrich the spiritual world of the people, and ultimately realize the fusion of the real economy and digital economy, promoting high-quality development of the economy and society. We will actively support the metauniverse industry. With continuous advancements in technology and increasing market demand, it is reasonable to believe that the Metauniverse market will continue to expand in the future, bringing further innovations and changes to digital interactions.


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