the doors to the metaverse open on Android and the web

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    Can smartphones save the Metaverse? Perhaps it was Meta’s hopes that started rolling out Horizon Worlds on mobile and the web.

    Therefore, clearly, Explore Horizon Worlds, the main incarnation of the Metaverse, on your smartphone screen or web browser The experience of a computer has little to do with the experience of a virtual reality headset strapped to your nose. The immersive feeling is different from 2D! But for Meta, this is a way to open its virtual world to millions of new users. By the company’s own admission, it’s becoming more urgent.

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    The metaverse is “ available to anyone ” explains Meta, regardless of the device you use to access it. Horizon Worlds’ long-promised compatibility with mobile platforms and the web is now rolling out, starting with the availability of shooters. super rumble Via Meta Quest app android And also on the web (at this address). iOS support is expected to launch in the coming weeks. Please note that this is still in early access, so you will need to be on the waiting list.

    Other “worlds” will be offered in the coming months, with Mehta planning the possibility of attending stand-up, concerts and other events with friends. During this mobile and web optimization, the company redesigned some features (mute, pause) to make them easier to access on this type of screen. Additionally, security features are the same across platforms.

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