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    Invnt Group’s Scott Cullather sees a future where brands and customers co-create communities.

    Our innate human desire to stay connected has fueled our collective imagination for decades. Often portrayed as the cause of our lack of human connection, the Metaverse has long existed in the minds of thinkers and writers in the fiction of Futurists and his science fiction.

    Are we really less connected than we used to be? We claim to be more connected than ever.

    metaverse revolution

    Migration from web1 to web2 to web3 includes home internet, AOL (America Online) chat rooms, MySpace profiles, fast transfers to DAOS, encryption, static and dynamic non-fungible tokens (NFTs). was

    Dynamic NFTs also have the unique ability to morph and evolve based on other collectibles and utilities already in the wallet, offering endless possibilities for content, creators and digital assets.

    More than ever, traditional business industries such as the automotive and music industries are evolving their brand stories and diving into the next frontier of communication and connectivity across web3, NFTs, and the metaverse. In 2022, Invnt Group and Invnt.Atom, the group’s web3-focused digital innovation arm, will digitize the last Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimate Coupé ever produced, launching the first Metaverse NFT supercar. We embarked on a strategy to introduce our twins to the world.

    We are bullish because we believe web3 is the next great frontier in storytelling. Being able to connect with an audience accelerates and sustains relevance, making it critical for brands to engage with next-generation tools, channels, and spaces from the metaverse to NFTs.

    From the cloud to the community.Saas to Mars

    For more than 20 years, enterprise cloud innovations have empowered businesses and organizations, completely transforming the way the industry operates and grows.

    Some of the most powerful software-as-a-service (Saas) companies of this digital age are those offering highly valuable technology integrations from creative to communications. Salesforce has a market cap of $189 billion, and AWS leads the industry with a market cap of $1 trillion.

    Web3 brings the future of the web where creators own their creations. You get rewards for working together, and you can connect from all over the world. This extends the concept of remote connectivity and redistributes the cloud to the community.

    The Metaverse as a Service (Maas) is a concept based on an enhanced SaaS model centered around the recurring revenues of people within the ecosystem, from creators to collectors to growers to brands. Smart contracts represent the permanent revenue and creator partners of the secondary market. Maas also provides buildable storytelling campaigns and a consistent stream of content to drive growth and transformation.

    Creativity, Connection, Engagement

    Decentralized users around the world are connected through the Metaverse through moments (airdrops, experiences, events). commitment (subscriptions, token ownership, voting); and community (membership, social media, experience sharing).

    We create favorite versions of every space we live in and every person we meet. It is part of human nature to create and share. The Metaverse gives everyone the opportunity to dream, create and own their own version of the future.

    SaaS expands productivity and recurring revenue streams. Maas does all that and more, inspiring creativity, connection and engagement while building and uniting community.

    The Metaverse creates a vibrant ecosystem that allows decentralized creators and builders to connect and co-create. Through the Metaverse, we are now able to grow and build our community, bringing access and experience to new global forums.

    Like the technological advances that drive these cultures, the web3 is a digital medium for innovation, connecting more and more people to their own stories instantly and the potential ownership of content and digital selves. and offers the first true intellectual property in the history of the world. Products and Individuals – Enhance the original SaaS model.

    Reaching these audiences and spaces requires diversifying your voice and ensuring your message is amplified beyond the metaverse through Web3.

    On the business side, Maas enables integration opportunities from NFTs, trading cards, event tickets, and even memes, with technological possibilities that greatly enhance strategic collaboration and enhance digital stories.

    web3 (and beyond) wins

    Like Saas companies, Maas offers a continuous end-to-end model, enabling brands, organizations and creators to deliver certified, owned, digital-first community building and storytelling.

    The most powerful marketing strategies and programs that permeate your culture are based on four principles of communication and engagement. These four principles should define amplification and power. Defending the metaverse is no exception. The community is the goal and the rewards are immense.


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