The Extended Reality And Metaverse, New Sales Opportunities For The Imaging Industry.

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    Leon, Gto.- Nadia Tamez is the Creative Director and Founder of Synergy Studios.
    The company is headquartered in Guadalajara City.he was 23
    Coolhuntermx is recognized as one of the 29 most influential creatures.
    Under 30 in Mexico.
    First interview for issue 88 “House of Knowledge”
    Sapica will be held from March 7th to 9th this year.
    The boy Nadia replied.he looked great on stage
    He was wearing a “virtual reality headset” (virtual glasses).
    completely black clothes.
    The conversation started talking about developing connectivity.
    gave examples of the oldest means of communication
    A tradition that began to develop from the beginning of the last century.
    Then he got to his computer
    Development began in the 1980s.was reported as
    According to mobile phones and their development, at the end of the last century
    The beginning of the 21st century will create strong connections with social networks.
    Bringing life to what the Metaverse is today.
    He talks about some clear examples of social networks
    What is Facebook Today by “Horizon Words” and more
    the entire cell, the entire virtual world, and

    Of course, who has the most people in the Metaverse?
    Instagram, Snapchat, and obviously Facebook.
    Things that exist, things that exist, and things that will eventually create the future
    Promoting Great Opportunities in the Metaverse
    Technology, platform, tools.they are digital graphics
    Fundamental to enhancing the experience, but above all this
    Great application in nature, fashion and digital media
    Together, this creation phase with 3D technology.
    Nadia launched and developed a successful digital model for marketing.
    Distinctly and precisely different techniques of changing the same garment
    And it’s necessary for the pain that goes through the sea
    Digital stores when people want new experiences today
    by technology
    It is important to be relevant to the present and experiences in the metaverse
    primarily through 2D applications involving development in commerce
    Organic and app augmented reality experiences.
    Will they build a bridge from us?
    Applications for virtual and 3D immersive experiences.
    Start thinking about what happens next and what you can do with it?
    It will be a turning point for your business and virtual reality
    Companies of training, development and virtual work.
    Nadia finished with an example with 5 fun examples.
    Indicate that the work was made by a different brand or design
    It changes with Nadia’s cell phone.
    Arguably the first exhibitor to score 10 points at his exhibition.
    It is the product of the organization that participants receive the pie
    The world’s most advanced dermatology


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