The Grammys Music Awards Exclude Solely AI-Written Entries

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    The Recording Academy has updated the rules and regulations for the 2024 Grammy Awards. The rules dictate that AI alone is not eligible to win prestigious music awards. The ruling comes amid the growing use of generative AI in the music and entertainment industry.

    The announcement comes after the Academy’s semi-annual board meeting in May, where some components of AI could be embraced in music, as long as there is a “meaningful” contribution by humans. reached the conclusion.

    tweak the rules

    According to the updated rules and regulations, only human-created works are eligible for award nominations.

    “The Grammy Awards recognize creative excellence. Only human creators are eligible for consideration, nominations, or awards for the Grammy Awards.

    “A work that does not contain human authorship does not qualify in any category,” part of it reads. Rules based on AI protocol.

    But the Academy was also quick to say that some AI-laden music could also be eligible for awards, as long as the human element in its creation plays a significant role.

    Part of the regulation reads, “The human authorship element of the submitted work must be meaningful and no less than minimal.”

    According to the Academy, “de minimis” is defined as something lacking importance or importance, or something so trivial as to be ignored.

    The rule also states that the human copyright element must be “relevant to the category in which the work is entered”, e.g., “if the work is submitted to the songwriting category, There must be meaningful, and at least minimal, human copyright.” of performance. “

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    public opinion is divided

    The announcement comes shortly after Paul McCartney revealed that the upcoming final Beatles song was recorded with the help of AI technology. For McCartney and the Beatles, his AI was used to extract John Lennon’s voice from old demos. There is no indication that AI was used to compose or compose the music itself.

    Describing AI as “scary but exciting,” McCartney said, “We’ll just wait and see where it goes.”

    As high-profile artists leverage AI technology, the public is also taking notice. Some describe the new rules for AI music as a welcome development for preserving “natural” music and works of art. There is no consensus.Her 1 User Identified Auntie He said the new rules were a good thing and hoped other music groups could do the same.

    “Amen. Thank you very much… Such things should be banned now.”

    Others believe this won’t last long, predicting that the profitability of AI will outweigh the maintenance of artistic integrity.

    “If the music companies realize their profits, this will be gone in less than a year. When this technology is done, kiss the celebrities you know goodbye,” he tweeted. another.

    Popularization of AI music

    Debate rages over the ethical implications of using AI in the music, arts, and entertainment industries. The rise of AI content has divided opinion among the artists themselves. Earlier this year, The Recording Academy was among the groups that signed a letter calling for a moratorium on AI.

    The use of AI in music and art is so prevalent that the EU has called on online platforms such as Meta, Google and TikTok to clearly label AI-generated content.

    Rapper Ice Cube recently spoke out against AI-generated music, calling it “diabolical” and arguing that violators should be prosecuted.

    This was after the song “Heart on My Sleeve” went viral with AI-generated vocals mimicking Drake and The Weeknd. Another AI-generated song, “Hey there Delilah,” featuring Kanye West’s AI-generated voice, also hit social media platforms.

    Music producer Timbaland criticized For a song made using AI technology featuring the late Notorious BIG.

    However, the use of AI is embraced by others as a tool to enhance music production. French DJ David Guetta said. BBC “The future of music will surely be AI.” The DJ used the site to imitate Eminem’s voice and add it to one of his instrumentals.




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