The Jobs AI Will Never Replace. Here are a few of the jobs that AI will… | by Jon Radoff | Building the Metaverse | Feb, 2023

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    It does not replace deep connections with old friends.

    It does not replace your sense of wonder as you learn new things and witness the wonders of the universe.

    When you’re standing waist-deep in a rushing river, it doesn’t replace the thrill of wrestling trout out of the water.

    It doesn’t replace the sense of accomplishment you feel when you straddle the summit and the fog rolls beneath you like a sea of ​​clouds.

    When you see the Star Scourge go down by your strategy, it doesn’t replace a surge of achievement.

    It doesn’t replace the joy of making something with your own hands.

    The focaccia just taken out of the oven is still fragrant and ready to welcome guests.

    It doesn’t replace the feeling of your dog’s smooth nose touching your finger.

    It does not replace the bliss of your lover sleeping in your arms.

    It doesn’t replace your awe when you watch a newborn take its first breath.

    Overwhelmed by what was important in life, it doesn’t replace a sense of responsibility when paying tribute.

    You are the universe experiencing itself:

    AI is not going to replace you in living a serious, mindful life.


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