The Metaverse Beauty Week is happening right now until June 17

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    Experience all things fashion and beauty in virtual reality at this year’s Metaverse Beauty Week.

    Who said the Metaverse is dead? It’s true that the fashion and beauty industries are still keen to engage with their customers in cyberspace and make new connections with online video game fans. Proof of that comes in the form of her first-ever Metaverse Beauty Week, scheduled to run on multiple platforms from June 12-17. We offer opportunities to participate in immersive experiences, games, masterclasses, and access beauty products in NFT format.

    Beauty, more beauty, nothing less than beauty. That’s what’s planned for the inaugural Metaverse Beauty Week, organized by creative agency CULT. The event is advertised as “The Metaverse’s first annual beauty extravaganza” and the slogan is all about “Reality Transformed”. Similar to Metaverse Fashion Week, which took place for the second time in March, the event is aimed at brand customers and video game enthusiasts alike, and will feature an immersive, cosmetics and, more broadly, wellness theme. We plan to offer many experiences of

    All about Metaverse Beauty Week 2023

    Unusually, the first event of its kind takes place in several large-scale virtual universes, including Roblox, Decentraland, and Spatial.It’s more than just participating in fun experiences, according to a program announced industry, beauty, Rush presents giant bath bombs — users can try beauty-themed games, attend hairstyling masterclasses, benefit from tips and tricks, and discover dozens of cosmetics in NFT format. You can Many attractive brands will appear for beauty fans.

    Lush, Neutrogena, Glossy Box, Clementine, Cosnova, Lottie London, Flannel’s, The Immersive Kind, The Fabricant, Valde Beauty in the brand We have already registered for the event and will be offering experiences themed around beauty, relaxation, games and responsible cosmetics.To participate, register with your email address to unlock personal access to the festival and click the red[ジャンプ イン]Just click the icon. The organizer of this first Metaverse Beauty Week points out that the event is free to attend.

    Another important point to keep in mind before diving headlong into this virtual beauty festival is that you don’t have to have a digital “wallet”, but you can receive rewards or use your digital assets to acquire NFTs. This means that you may need a digital “wallet” to access . Otherwise, log in and enjoy the festival program. The festival program features cosmetics brands as well as a number of world-famous influencers and YouTube stars.

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