The metaverse is the first to go with Disney’s belt tightening

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    Disney CEO Bob Iger
    photograph: Neilson Bernard (Getty Images)

    If you want or want to own real estate in Toontown Married at Digital Disneyland Or something along those weird virtual lines, well, you’re out of luck. wall street journal report. Former and future CEO Bob Iger has closed the company’s Metaverse dream division as part of a series of planned layoffs. A total of about 7,000 jobs will be reduced at the company.

    The division was specifically titled “Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experience Group,” led by Disney veteran Mike White (reportedly, 50 other members He reportedly stayed with the company while he lost his job. WSJMore). White was in charge for about a year, but it’s unclear what kind of metaversal strategy he and the team had in mind. WSJMore A lot of jargon has been provided, according to the source, including, “I was tasked with finding ways to tell interactive stories in new technological formats using Disney’s vast intellectual property library.” Exiled CEO Bob ChapekThe stated goal was to “create an entirely new paradigm for how audiences experience and engage with stories,” according to an internal memo. According to the outlet, Disney has been considering Metaverse applications for “fantasy sports, theme park attractions, and other consumer experiences,” but it’s a pretty broad umbrella.

    With these vague goals and a proposed Amazon Prime-like platform to combine streaming, retail, and theme park-related apps, it doesn’t seem like they’ve made much headway.Perhaps it’s no surprise that this is where Disney chose (and started) to cut its losses. Expensive and unpopular metaverse It makes your company a laughingstock, doesn’t it?


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