The metaverse will ‘shake up’ insurance, according to Aon – VIDEO

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    Aon’s Amy Harding and Wouter Boschert discuss various “megatrends” expected to boost the insurance industry.

    While there are many trends that are poised to bring new opportunities to the insurance industry, the Metaverse has the potential to disrupt the insurance industry the most.

    This is by Amy Harding, manager of Aon’s Strategy and Technology Group (STG) and co-author of Aon’s Transformative Trends report.

    This report combines a treasure trove of interviews to find the ‘megatrends’ expected to boost the global insurance market.

    Aon predicts that these megatrends will create a potential market of over $200 billion for insurers by 2030, with the biggest trends being the metaverse, shared mobility and the rise of intellectual property. .

    Aon STG board member Wouter Boschert, co-author of the report, explained that the insurance industry appears to be “extremely enthusiastic” about these various potential megatrends.

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    Words by Lee McGorran


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