The Nemesis (NEMS): Metaverse Offering Distinctive Features

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    Nemesis is a metaverse where players can earn income based on their playing time. This is a play-to-earn model, allowing creators to build virtual worlds for gaming experiences in VR/AR.

    NEMS tokens are used to purchase land, NFTs, and other assets within the Nemesis ecosystem. We provide a place without borders where the virtual world and the real world meet.

    The team is focused on delivering a branded experience to users. This provides businesses with the opportunity to get involved in her Web3 and Metaverse space.

    About Nemesis Metaverse

    The Nemesis platform was founded in 2019 and has received over $700,000 in funding. The platform is available through a web browser or mobile application. Contains a collection of 8,000 NFTs. Users of the platform can be players, creators, or metaverse owners.

    Players must obtain an avatar available in OpenSea. Avatars are generated using a combination of over 137 attributes, and players receive a random companion. Once an avatar is selected, the user can select their land within the Metaverse.

    Players require fiat currency or NEMS. Currency is used in-game. Users can use NEMS to customize their avatars when purchasing accessories and tools to enhance their avatars.

    Various games offered by Nemesis

    Nemesis is a new dimension where the physical and digital worlds are seamlessly combined.Different platforms offer different games

    RC Nitro: This is an NFT car racing and battle game.

    Treasure hunt: These include tasks that provide rewards to users when solved. This is in a thematic metaverse space.

    Dojo Arena: In this game, players bring companion NFTs and battle in Pokemon-like style to earn rewards.

    Speed ​​run and quiz: These are games hosted on the platform to distribute rewards and gifts to top performers.

    Parkour: This is a game where you can run a variety of parkour at various difficulty levels.

    Examples of using NMS on platforms

    Nemesis provides a great experience on desktop as well as mobile. This project has attracted attention because it allows virtual reality to be realized in a simple and thoughtful way.

    National currency is used to purchase items from the art gallery. The Metaverse has an art gallery where you can get various accessories. The platform also has an art store where you can purchase various items. Players can purchase it to enhance their avatar's powers or use it to decorate their avatar according to their preference.

    The platform hosts events. Users can purchase tickets for these events using their NEMS. Access to events is only possible through NEMS. Metaverse also offers land rental and ownership. You can use NEMS to buy or rent land.

    Features of Nemesis

    Some features of Nemesis include an editor for creators. This feature allows anyone to purchase land and design their metaverse using editor features. Users can create 3D sets of her and sell them to other users on the marketplace.

    popup meta: Users can rent the Metaverse for exclusive events and customize it with personal content through interactive corners and banners. Community members with NFTs or free/paid tickets will be given access.

    interactive corner: The Metaverse provides users with an interactive corner where they have the opportunity to interact with custom content within the Metaverse. Javascript, HTML, and iframes are used to engage the community with gamified calls to action.

    AI integration: AI integration allows users to experience NFT companions and in-game assets with enhanced artificial intelligence to provide more assistance with real-time responses on a variety of topics.

    Face tracking: This is a fun and innovative way for our customers to enjoy our products. This will improve the quality of your digital adventures and allow you to take selfies with NFTs and digital goods.

    Video streaming: Metaverse provides space to host talk shows, music events, press conferences, interviews, and webinars. Users can select exclusive areas with limited access. It doesn't matter if it's live or VOD.

    Mini games: Metaverse provides users with speed games and quizzes. Players will be given rewards such as avatar his skins, coupons, tickets, and collectibles his tokens.

    QR Code Redemption: This feature allows players or users to redeem in-game rewards. Get avatars, skins, cards, and other prizes by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone.

    AR for NFT: AR functionality is integrated to enjoy nFT in-game. If a user owns her NFT, you can integrate custom community integrations. You can use QR codes, in-store promotions, and QR codes to activate your offline community.

    In-game support: Metaverse facilitates in-game support for Zendesk integration. It helps guide and support users towards their goals. This is a customer service tool to help you with any support you need in the Metaverse.

    NEMS token

    NEMS is Nemesis Payment Token. It is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions on the platform and within the ecosystem.

    The token market capitalization is $296,483. Self-reported circulating supply is 7,649,902 NEMS. Total supply is 500,000,000 NEMS, maximum supply is 500,000,000 NEMS. The tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges such as BingX and MEXC.


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