The oldest corner of the metaverse, and how EV batteries work

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    Today’s headlines treat the Metaverse as a vague dream yet to be built. But if that’s defined as the network of virtual worlds we can live in, its oldest corner has already been in operation for 25 years.

    A medieval fantasy kingdom created for the online role-playing game Ultima Online.

    It was the first to simulate an entire world. It’s a vast, dynamic realm where players can interact with almost anything, from fruit on trees to books on shelves.

    Ultima Online has already endured a quarter century of market competition, economic turmoil and political strife. So what does this game and its players tell us about creating virtual worlds of the future? Read the full story.

    — John Clark Levin

    How do EV batteries actually work?

    Batteries that power electric vehicles are the most important and costly components for new generation cars and trucks.

    The majority of electric vehicles are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are also found in smartphones. They can hold high voltages and extraordinary charges, making them efficient and dense forms of energy storage.

    But while they are expected to remain mainstream in EVs for the foreseeable future, battery developers are working toward lighter, cheaper, and more efficient alternatives. Read full text.

    —Patrick Sisson


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