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    1. Metaverse’s JJ Lin’s ‘Real Estate Speculator’ Has 91% Floating Losses: Crypto Real Bubble China Economic Net
    2. A sudden explosion! JJ Lin suffered a huge loss of 90% of his?This market has completely collapsed! There were rumors of liquidation before, and these celebrities also stepped on the thunder… | Ying Wei Kai Ching
    3. Lin Junjie buys a virtual property with variable losses. Post a questionable reply JJ Lin | Response | Loss_Sina
    4. Metaverse collapses, Lin Junjie doubts his reaction to speculation in virtual real estate, loses 91%: I heard many people help me manage my money drive home
    5. “Real estate speculators” are 91% big losses! JJ Lin: Recently, I heard that many people can help me manage my money! Stars such as Jay Chou are also in the game_Eastern Fortune Net Oriental Fortune Network
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