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    This is part of Adweek’s series covering fellowship programs at agencies. As agencies continue to face talent shortages, many new graduates and job seekers are seeking their way into the industry. Here are some programs for novice marketers from top agencies. read the whole series.

    Accenture Song is piloting a new program with Black-owned ad tech network Urban Edge Network. Called Project XL, the new program will work with the HBCU community to create job opportunities for black students in the tech industry.

    “This is a black talent program that is building a massive pipeline.” Kendra Hatcher KingAccenture Song’s global account manager told Adweek.

    Technology-focused programs cover concepts such as AI, cloud computing, the metaverse, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies such as blockchain.

    The pilot will begin with collaborations at four HBCUs: Fisk University, Dillard University, Grambling State University, and Livingstone University.

    “These are hidden gems of HBCUs. They may not be something that everyone naturally goes to, but they have programs,” King said.

    Accenture Song educates client employees with its own educational library called Accenture Academy. King hopes that Fortune 500 companies looking to diversify their workforce will leverage his Project XL resources at the Academy to share educational content with up-and-coming talent.

    “Every company can take advantage of Project XL to improve the skills of their students, so they are providing that content to universities,” says King.

    Students do not need to apply to participate. Project XL is open to students from her four HBCUs enrolled in applicable majors. Although the program is not paid, students can earn college credit for participating.

    You’ll also have the opportunity to network with the Accenture employees leading the program. “In addition to receiving training, we have assigned coaches to help students better understand specific areas,” he added.

    Most recently, students attended a webinar on Augmented Reality and the Metaverse. This format allowed students to ask questions of Accenture coaches.

    The program pilot is the culmination of our collaboration with King. Hardy L. PeltFounding Member and Chief Revenue Officer of Urban Edge.

    when the king attended Byron AllenAt ‘s 2021 Black-Owned Media Upfront, Pelt was the first supplier we saw her speak.

    “What intrigued me was his focus on historically black colleges and universities and the footprint he left in schools,” King said.

    King then approached Pelt with a talent acquisition project that eventually became Project XL.

    As the program expands, King and Pelt are looking for growth opportunities, including starting new partnerships with HBCUs and engaging with companies looking to build their Black talent pipeline.

    “By participating in the opening plan XL As a joint pilot with Accenture, our students have a unique opportunity to learn from leaders in cutting-edge technology and develop new skills that redefine the trajectory of their lives. ” Rick Garrott in a statement shared with Adweek.

    Accenture is also creating a pipeline from Project XL to the company. student leadership programencourage student participation Diversity Technology Externship.

    “Project XL is designed to address the talent challenges faced by many in order to help organizations remain culturally and socially relevant. David Drogasaid the CEO of Accenture Song in a statement shared with Adweek.

    TLDR: For more information on the program, including how to apply, see our Q&A with Accenture Song and Urban Edge Network below. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity and style.

    When did Accenture Song and Urban Edge discover this program?

    Winter 2023.

    How many students do you accept each year?

    More than 30 students have participated in pilots of collaborations between Accenture Song and Urban Edge Network, LCC, Dillard University, Fisk University, Grambling State University and Livingstone College.

    How long will the program run?

    This pilot will train, upskill, and develop a team of students with university collaborators over a 14-week period.

    Is the program paid?

    no. Students can earn college credit by participating in Project XL.

    Does this program require a college degree?

    no. A college degree is not required, but the student must be enrolled in his HBCU attending and enrolled in relevant courses. Students are selected to participate in Project XL based on the client’s staffing needs.

    How long does the application process take from start to finish?

    No application. Project XL is open to students taking related courses. Project XL is open to all students at participating schools who are enrolled in relevant courses and/or as identified by their academic leadership.

    Student commentary:

    “The whole world revolves around STEM and I don’t want to be left behind. These TQ courses have really deepened my understanding of technology unlike any other program I’ve been in. AI, All the presenters who are passionate about data, cloud and augmented reality hit the mark: they are really committed to helping us learn rather than just ticking off a topic off a list. I’ve actually used the information from XL in other technical courses and even advise other students on what I’ve learned.” Nubian McLaughlin, Majored in Cyber ​​Security at Grambling State University.

    “Project XL (sponsored by Accenture) is a great program to give you an overview of different aspects of technology. Derek Stanleythe Accenture coach not only remembers my name, but from a two-minute introduction a few weeks ago, he remembers the sports I played and the school I went to.

    “During Project XL, I was introduced to new technologies such as TeamViewer Frontline Spacial installed on HoloLens and saw firsthand how they are used and their impact. I recommend it to my students because it gives them a high-level overview of relevant topics and direct coaching from some of the best mentors in the industry.” Emile Dogbe-Gakpetor, Livingstone College Business Administration, Minor in Computer Information Systems.

    “I am very grateful to have been selected for Project XL hosted by Accenture. This program is a real boon for students who love technology and are always looking for new ways to enhance their intelligence. We have touched on a variety of topics including computing, big data, augmented reality, etc. Future topics we plan to cover in this program and regular discussions with industry experts who are already adopting these technologies in modern enterprises It’s a great online meeting, and my excitement level is sky-high.” Papa S. Guell Computer Science major at Grambling State University.

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