The Sandbox and the partnership with Ledger

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    sandbox announced a partnership with ledger enterprise To provide more security for businesses in the metaverse.

    In this way, companies extend The Sandbox’s security stack and financial controls while providing seamless security integration for brand partners.

    Using Sandbox and Ledger Together to Protect LANDs and NFTs

    A new partnership announced by The Sandbox is with Ledger Enterprise, a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for securing enterprise crypto assets.

    The partnership will provide security integrations to Sandbox’s enterprise brand partners, making it simpler and easier for brands to protect their land while protecting the wallet containing The Sandbox’s NFT collection

    Their collaboration includes multiple initiatives. This includes adding The Sandbox as a dApp to his hardware wallet for customers interested in owning or using his LAND in The Sandbox ecosystem.

    Then the integration of widget By embedding The Sandbox into the Ledger Live desktop application and building synergies, The Sandbox recommends Ledger Enterprise to the LAND owner’s ecosystem.

    Similarly, Ledger can recommend The Sandbox to Ledger Enterprise customers interested in the metaverse. Finally, we will migrate all NFTs in The Sandbox collection wallet to the secured Ledger Enterprise wallet. added security.

    Sandbox-Ledger Partnership Statement

    Sebastian BorgeCommenting on our recent partnership with Ledger, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, said:

    “We have a long standing relationship with Ledger and are excited to deepen our partnership to provide additional security to brands entering the metaverse. By making it easier to log into Sandbox, it will be easier and safer for people and brands to thrive in the metaverse.”

    on the other hand, Alex GinderLedger’s head of enterprise said in this regard:

    “Any brand that creates or stores digital assets is vulnerable to the increased attacks, fraud, and mismanagement seen in the broader market. That’s why we place the greatest value in empowering our brand partners with confidence, and Ledger Enterprise is proud to provide businesses and consumers with the peace of mind they deserve.”

    Not surprisingly, The Sandbox was one of the first security-minded leaders in the industry, making the process fun for users, engaging millions, and securing digital value.

    in fact, Ariel WengloffVice President of Communications, also said:

    “We are extremely excited about the results of the educational game School of Block on The Sandbox and can’t wait to see this partnership grow across the board.”

    A new rival in the sandbox (SAND)?

    Sandbox’s native token, SAND, has recently soared to levels no one could have predicted.

    As for The Sandbox, cryptocurrency industry experts put the average SAND rate at $0.73 Q2 2023 is based on The Sandbox price change at the beginning of the year.

    By the end of 2023, the Sandbox price is expected to reach $0.94. 148%Additionally, we expect an average of $0.82 per sandbox by mid-2023.

    However, the Sandbox price will drop to $0.87 in the first half of 2024, rise to $0.03 in the second half, and end the year at $0.90a 29% increase over the current value.


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