The Tech These CMOs Are Most Excited About

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    Marketers can now add “staying on top of the rapidly changing technology landscape” to their to-do list.

    For marketers, it’s an ongoing struggle to decide where to invest in technology experimentation as budgets get tighter and tighter. Without the ability to experiment, brands can be left behind. Similarly, too much time spent minting NFTs for uninterested audiences is a chronic waste we see all too often. It’s true that many he CMOs are focused on generative AI, but there’s a lot more to it than launching a chatbot.

    With that in mind, we asked several of Adweek’s 2023 Brand Genius honorees to tell us which technologies they’re most excited about in 2024, and which technologies they’re most excited about in 2024 and more meaningful ways to drive inflated expectations and revenue. We asked them how they differentiate between influential strategies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many paths trace back to the AI ​​generation.

    Julia Goldin, LEGO Group Chief Marketing and Product Officer

    We use new technology to find ways to bring our brands to life through a variety of immersive touchpoints, allowing us to engage and reach new audiences like never before. The digital and physical worlds of play have long coexisted and merged. [real-time, 3D] Creative tools like Unreal Engine and digital spaces like the Metaverse offer incredibly exciting opportunities to evolve marketing models in new and immersive ways. Unreal Engine is already helping create marketing assets with significantly improved performance and rendering speed, and content can now be transferred seamlessly from one platform, doubling your marketing power in amazing ways. can. The world saw a glimpse of it this year with his 3D billboards for Lego DreamZzz in New York, London, and Tokyo, and there’s much more to come.

    The Metaverse has the potential to transform marketing and how you, as a brand, interact with your audience. This allows brands to combine imagination, innovation, and engagement to connect with audiences beyond the boundaries of traditional digital platforms. The idea of ​​pushing beyond the limits of traditional marketing and bringing LEGO bricks to life for our customers in an entirely new and immersive way represents a world of exciting possibilities, inviting builders of all ages and passions to join our brand. This is a way to get closer to.

    Ramon Jones, CMO, Nationwide

    Nationwide is testing generative AI learning models to increase efficiency across the business while accelerating the content generation process across the marketing organization.

    Our team is mindful of the ethical dilemmas that can arise from using genetic AI and recognizes the potential for inherent bias and error. These challenges require human cooperation in content creation. Generative AI should not be seen as a replacement for human creativity, but as another tool to meet evolving needs. Marketers who don’t take advantage of this feature are at a disadvantage.


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