This Esports Academy Cares About Your Mental Health

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    The Mastercard Gamer Academy offers 10 aspiring gamers a unique opportunity to embark on a professional eSports career. The program emphasizes a focus on inclusivity and represents a move toward diversifying the esports community.

    According to them, release, Mastercard Gamer Academy is more than just an esports tournament or academy. It is a comprehensive program aimed at providing real-world experience and instruction to gamers around the world. The program focuses on inclusivity and aims to break down the barriers that have traditionally prevented diverse groups, particularly women and older gamers, from entering the esports arena.

    The Academy’s curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of the professional game, from mental health and resilience to personal branding and content creation. This approach not only provides participants with gaming skills, but also prepares them for the multifaceted nature of the esports industry.

    Romain Bigard, general manager of League of Legends at G2 eSports, said:

    “The Academy is designed to explore all aspects of esports and gaming and highlight the diverse career opportunities within the industry.”

    he continues. “We want to give not only our participants, but also those watching at home, the opportunity to gain experience and learn from some of the most talented and respected people in the industry. Our Goal is to create a clearer pathway to a career in esports and inspire and motivate people to start their professional journey.”

    Unrivaled access and exclusive benefits

    Participants in the program receive a variety of benefits, including all-expenses-paid travel to important esports events. These include backstage access to the 2024 League of Legends World Championship; 2024 Valorant Champion. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to visit his G2 eSports headquarters in Berlin, offering an immersive experience in the heart of professional gaming.

    Additionally, the program provides direct interaction with G2 esports professional athletes, including teams from League of Legends and Valorant. Access to this level of experienced professionals is rare and invaluable for those looking to pursue a career in esports.

    Empowering through education and guidance

    a vital component of mastercard gamer academy This is the educational curriculum. This aspect is not limited to improving gaming skills, but also extends to personal marketing and brand engagement. Participants will receive digital and in-person sessions with mentors focusing on various aspects important to building a sustainable career in esports.

    In addition, the program will also feature online episodes that will be accessible to fans around the world. These episodes aim to spread knowledge and insight to improve your potential in gaming and esports, effectively extending the reach of the program beyond direct participants.

    Foray into diversity

    It is significant that Mastercard has chosen G2 eSports as a partner in this initiative. G2 Esports is known for its focus on female representation in esports, which is a key focus of the academy. Despite women making up nearly half of the gaming population, female representation in professional esports remains under-represented. The Academy aims to address this disparity and create more opportunities for diverse groups.

    This program is open to individuals 21 years of age and older worldwide. Interested participants must submit an online application along with a video demonstrating their passion for gaming and esports. According to reports, the deadline for submission is December 17th.


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