This is how Apple seeks to mark the future with Apple Vision Pro

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    After three years of delay, finally apple introduced the Vision Pro augmented reality viewer to the world. It’s everything we could have hoped for and more in the new product category the company has been forced to enter, but it’s not without its problems. Things that transcend society, such as isolation through the use of technology.

    A week ago we saw the presentation of the new Meta Quest 3 virtual reality glasses. The product was ready, but we never doubted that Apple’s announcement days after was a ploy to predict what was to come. And it’s true, Apple has just overtaken all companies immersed in virtual reality, including Meta, which has invested millions of dollars. So we decided to change our company name from Facebook to Meta, Metaverso.

    The Apple Vision Pro meets virtually all expectations and exceeds what you would expect from a corporate product. They’re not the first and may not be the best for 99% of people, but Apple is always giving us lessons on how to apply technology on a daily basis.

    That’s how it was the first time iphoneon the original iPad, and apple watch. These weren’t the first products in their category, but they have become industry standards thanks to their influence, technology, design language, and real-world use cases.

    During the presentation, I couldn’t help but think that all the cases Apple gave as examples were by no means practical in my daily life, but strangely enough, the reality of augmented reality in a viewer like this is undeniable. There were a few seconds that indicated the possibility of . This was Disney’s example, not Apple’s.

    Disney and Apple have demonstrated how people want to enjoy their content in augmented reality. In his demo, it was an American football game, and you could not only watch the game, but also see real-time information about the players, stats, another angle, and even other live his broadcasts and related content.

    This is the true potential of augmented reality that Apple is aiming for, not the professional realm of weird PowerPoint presentations, viewing Excel data, or video calls with facial expressions.

    The future of this product will be decided by the consumer who can spend $3,500, or €3,262 without taxes and inflation.

    The rest of us mortals will have to wait for a cheaper 2nd or 3rd generation, perhaps under the name of the Apple Reality Air?

    technology dreams

    On a technical level, in theory, Vision Pro is great. It has 12 cameras, 5 sensors and 6 microphones. Everything is managed by a new chip called R1 and the M2 SoC, which laptops and iPads already use.

    Apple demonstrates its design maturity on a visual level thanks to the fact that it has a design team for the most important human interface guidelines money can buy. A great interface with semi-transparent layers, visual effects, shadows, and an array of fine details, demonstrated by hands-on experience on platforms such as iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS.

    At the design level, the Apple viewer takes many ideas from other products such as the Apple Watch with its digital crown and the AirPods Max with adjustable bands and manufacturing material details.

    In addition to the magnetic lenses co-designed with Zeiss, the new screen, which Apple had to design at a very high resolution to allow 4K content to be enjoyed with both eyes, is an example of Apple’s own industrial design.

    Apple Vision Pro sensors and cameras

    Perhaps one of the most interesting things Apple has demonstrated with this headset, in addition to hand detection using clicking gestures, is the system that tracks the user’s eyes as they move through the application.

    The counterpoint is the limitations of the technology itself, such as autonomy. The Apple Vision Pro comes with a mobile battery connected by a cable from the back. 2 hours of autonomy You should carry it in your pocket. This way you can wear it all day long without any weight on your head.

    With the Apple Vision Pro, the eyes are visible, but the separation still exists.

    apple vision pro

    There wasn’t a moment during Apple’s presentation that didn’t show a person isolated by technology. In this case, it is seen by the visor that covers the eyes, but the outer screen shows the representation of the eyes, so the person is visible.

    Today’s technology, whether it’s headphones or the cell phone you have in your hand 24 hours a day, is already absorbing and isolating you from the people around you so well that it’s starting to become a problem for many. I’m here. Watching movies with this viewer would be great even with the 3D effect, but that’s not what people want to enjoy. Watching a movie, series, or TV show, even in complete silence, works better if there is more than one person around her.

    While digital can’t replace conversations, amazement, and laughter about what you’re watching with others, Apple has solutions for watching content at the same time, even when you’re not in the same place.

    As Apple showed in its presentation, playing with kids with the Apple Vision Pro still feels like something straight out of an episode of Black Mirror, even capturing images and video in 3D format. . Is society really ready for people who can’t have a conversation, or who wear glasses that make it clear they’re not the center of attention when they do?

    Society, a subgenre that Apple has dominated for decades with products like the white headphones that marked social status in the iPod era, and the first iPhone to declare income levels, is a world wearing a visor. will face the reality of Head. It’s unthinkable now, but in a few years it might be totally normal.

    Are you ready for images like this to become your everyday life, like you’re not looking up from your phone today?

    Apple Vision Pro on an airplane

    Mark Zuckerberg seems to be getting some legitimacy, but there’s a very serious problem with the meta

    Apple Vision Pro validates all of Meta’s investments in the technology behind augmented or virtual reality, but not in the Metaverse. Not a single mention of the word, which today is synonymous with smoke. And that’s the real problem for Meta and Mark Zuckerberg, they are no longer the leaders in this category.

    Until I saw the Apple Vision Pro Meta, it was considered a premium brand for virtual reality. Now, with over six months to go before market release, Meta comes in second on the list.

    Not only is Vision Pro’s samples and quality superior to what Meta offers in Quest 3 and Quest Pro, but everything behind it, games, social networks, etc. It means that it looks like a caricature. Change the heading sheet.


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