This Parade Is Proudly Walking Until Anti-LGBT+ Laws Change in Poland

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    At least 32 regions in Poland will still be called LGBT-free zones in 2022. The LGBT+ community was never welcomed there, and LGBT-related activities were prohibited by local law. To support local communities in these places, the Polish activist teamed up with his 180heartbeats + Jung v Matt to outsmart local governments and organize virtual pride parades. Now that the law has been rescinded in her three regions, the march is proceeding with fundraising for an offline parade that will be held in all unwelcome zones.

    In 2019, Polish local governments began passing resolutions en masse to exclude non-heterosexuals from their communities. So-called anti-LGBT resolutions are still in effect in dozens of municipalities and districts across the country. According to a survey conducted by KPH, 12% (140,000 out of 2 million) of the LGBT+ community plan to emigrate from Poland doing. His one-third of them cited experience of discrimination for belonging to the LGBT+ community as the reason for leaving. Organized by the KPH in the Metaverse, the Equality March is both a form of opposition to discriminatory resolutions and an expression of support for LGBT+ people living in the areas mentioned.

    NGO organizations, including the Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH), postulate that everyone should be able to organize equality marches wherever people want to express themselves and speak up for themselves. human rights. That is why KPH has teamed up with 180heartbeats + Jung v Matt to create an initiative – THE IMPOSSIBLE PARADE will march in the metaverse of 32 municipalities with so-called anti-LGBT resolutions in force. Augmented reality is a developing area that NGOs see as an absurd and homophobic law-free manifestation arena.

    In 2022, we purchased 32 Polish city and village locations to organize OVR (The Campaign Against Homophobia), the first geo-based AR metaverse. As landowner, the KPH was able to organize pride parades walking the streets of these municipalities. The parade is designed to be walked on unless a harmful resolution disappears at a particular location. A virtual demonstration could be seen directly in front of the Houses of Parliament.

    Three towns in the province of Lublin, known for having the highest concentration of ‘LGBT-free zones’, just recently abandoned anti-LGBT resolutions, reducing the number of unwelcome areas from 32 to 29.

    But the battle doesn’t end there. Activation character gets a second her life as an NFT. All his 32 heroes of THE IMPOSSIBLE PARADE, representing 32 regions, find their place on the biggest his NFT platform (OpenSea) and fund his offline parade which will be held in every unwelcome town collected. For the second part of the campaign, the agency decided to deepen its virtual activity by adding tokens to the wallets of celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Serena Williams and Shaquille O’Neal. 180heartbeats +JVM hopes that THE IMPOSSIBLE PARADE NFT will give more impetus to the discussion on equality of minority rights in Poland.


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