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    (Overland Park, Kansas) – The American Red Cross, the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA), the National Recreation Parks Association (NRPA), the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA), and the World Water Parks Association (WWA), along with more than 45 state governors, may working together to promote the 20 Annual National Water Safety Month.

    Since 2003, Coalition members have worked to raise awareness and highlight the importance of public education on safer behavior for children and adults in and around water of all types. I’ve been Celebrated by thousands of swimming establishments, businesses and professionals each May, the event features educational programs, public service announcements, government declarations, business promotions, and efforts to prevent water-related illness, injury, and death. Provides water safety-themed materials designed to help .

    Dr. William D. Ramos, member of the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Board, said: “Preventing unsupervised access to water, constant active surveillance by adults in and around the water, and knowing how to swim are important layers of protection to prevent drowning.”

    The National Water Safety Month campaign plays a fundamental role in leading the conversation about how families can be safer in the water. Initiatives to strengthen water safety education have led to national media coverage, improved legislation, and significant advocacy across the United States.

    “At NRPA, we are proud to support National Water Safety Month and recognize the importance of providing everyone with a fair opportunity to learn to swim,” said NRPA Credentialing and Member Operations. Executive Vice President Julie Borland said. “Her NRPA Parks and Recreation Professionals across the country offer swimming at more than 70% of her agencies supporting this goal.”

    The Coalition supports water safety activities throughout the month and during the swim season.

    • international water safety day
      International Water Safety Day (May 15, 2023) aims to raise global awareness of drowning prevention and educate young people about improving their safety in and around water. May 15th is a day to share drowning awareness and water safety education wherever possible.
    • The world’s largest swimming school
      Celebrating its 14th year of saving lives, the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson™ (WLSL) (June 22, 2023) is a global event attended by tens of thousands of participants from six continents, teaching children to swim. We work to raise awareness of the fundamental importance of teaching. Floating properties are encouraged to register as host locations during the month of May.
    • state declaration
      In preparation for National Water Safety Month, the Coalition is working to secure a governor’s proclamation to draw attention to this issue at the state level. Each year, 45-50 governors declare her May National Water Safety Month and support this important effort. Declarations are added throughout the month.Look for your state declaration here.
    • safe swimming pledge
      Anyone can join the movement to reinforce the importance of water safety and become a community advocate. For example, the Safe Swimmer Pledge encourages children to practice safe swimming behaviors.
    • social media conversation
      The Coalition will share safety tips and resources across social media channels for one month.follow me twitter and Facebook, join the conversation on #watersafetymonth #NWSM2023. Shareable content is also available on the National Drowning Prevention Alliance website. Water Safety Season Toolkit.

    NDPA Executive Director Adam Katchmarchi, Ph.D. “Our mission has always been to unite all stakeholders and work together behind a unified agenda focused on building awareness, advocacy and education on water safety practices that reduce drowning. National Water Safety Month is a great platform to support these goals.”

    Sabina Hickman, PHTA’s CAE President and CEO, said: “PHTA is proud of the work the National Water Safety Coalition has accomplished and is committed to sharing these important messages to keep children safe through swimming education.”

    May marks the start of swimming season as beaches, pools, water parks and community center pools begin to open and people spend more time outdoors. The Coalition is committed to raising awareness about important water safety practices that help keep children and their families safer around all types of water. Learn to swim and practice safe behavior That’s an important first step.

    “Since we started this initiative in 2003, we have achieved a lot. It’s a leading platform that helps reach millions of people with important messages, said Rick Root, President of the World Water Park Association: “But too many parents and caregivers We still have a long way to go as we do not yet understand the risks. Fisheries supporting NWSM by reaching out to communities to save lives by sharing these important water safety messages We are grateful to the thousands of members of our industry.”

    Parents, educators, and caregivers can find more information and free resources in support of National Water Safety Month at


    National Water Safety Month american red cross, National Drowning Prevention Alliance, National Recreation and Parks Association, Pool & Hot Tub Allianceand the world water park associationSince 2003, Coalition members have worked to raise awareness and promote water safety through educational programs, public service announcements, government proclamations, and accessible water safety information and materials. . For more information, please visit the following URL:


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