TikTok Issue is Highly Politicized, Says Top Professor

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    Sherry Palmer, senior media-in-residence professor at Syracuse University, TikTok claims to be posing Not as threatening as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other app.

    ByteDance’s ubiquitous short video sharing platform faces continued restrictions in the western world due to “security concerns.”

    TikTok allegedly provided user data to the Chinese government, resulting in TikTok being banned from most government agencies in the United States and Europe. The US Senate is currently discussing a nationwide ban, while EU member states are following suit to restrict the app.

    However, there are many opinions that raise concerns.

    “It’s a very addictive algorithm, probably the most addictive one, so if you’re afraid your kids will become dependent on social media, I think that’s a big deal, but I think the Biden administration is concerned. is not that, they’re completely politicizing this,” Palmer said.

    Palmer notes that China and the United States have a “complicated relationship with a lot of politics.”

    If the Biden administration is really concerned about what TikTok does with its data, it should be equally concerned about Facebook, Google, SnapChat, Twitter and all other social media sites.

    “The reality is that the data we get every day is far more than the data TikTok gets, and it is far from the other side.”

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    Smartphones collect more data than TikTok

    Since TikTok is a single news feed, it collects a small amount of data compared to smartphones. So it understands exactly what users like, he points out Palmer.

    “It knows your preferences to some degree. When you log into TikTok, TikTok gets your login information and knows who you are. I know the time of day and all other information my phone could possibly collect.”

    So the phone itself knows a lot, and “TikTok” may have access to some of that information, but so do all other social media sites and all other sites.

    “So this is not about data. This has to be about politics. Also, this is very politicized,” said the professor.

    TikTok would only know that you like woodworking and watching baseball, Palmer asked. “Are they going to use it?”

    There are many ways to “run and promote your campaigns beyond TikTok.”

    “TikTok ban is harmful”

    Deborah, a member of Santa Monica, An Open Letter to President Joe Biden Two senators are calling for nationwide restrictions on apps through proposed legislation.

    “As your constituency and avid TikTok users and fans, we encourage you to consider the potential consequences of such a ban,” she wrote.

    TikTok has become a very valuable tool for political campaigns, especially Democrats. This allows candidates to reach out to younger voters in new and innovative ways, Deborah explained.

    “We strongly believe that banning TikTok is a mistake not only for the democratic process, but for the nation as a whole. We need to focus on finding ways to address the concerns surrounding security,” wrote Deborah.

    As the TikTok story unfolds, we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments.

    The post-TikTok issue is highly politicized, says a top professor first appearing in metanews.


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