Tim Sweeney About Unreal Engine 6: UE5 + Verse

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    Reply in response to one of the tweets shared by Warforge, a team of creators dedicated to building Fortnite experiences using UEFN, a great toolset that brings some of the power of Unreal Engine 5 directly into Fortnite. Sweeney said Unreal Engine 6 will feature all the tools present in Unreal. Engine 5 and Verse, an entirely new programming language introduced with UEFN, will provide powerful customization capabilities such as device manipulation and chaining. It provides functionality and the ability to create new game logic.

    Besides Verse, UE6 offers “nearly equivalent expansion to Fortnite and standalone products,” “Metaverse Economy,” “Standards,” and many other novelties that Sweeney described as “magical TBA.” You can also expect that. The CEO went on to say that while Verse's integration into Epic's flagship engine, which he says will likely not happen until 2024, is “on track” and will be expected alongside C++ and Blueprints in the coming years. emphasized that it is likely to become one of Unreal Engine's game development tools.


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