Toikido’s Work Values Leads to Piñata Smashlings Licensing Expansion

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    Each of the five collectible toy packs includes one hidden character and exclusive downloadable content that grants in-game benefits. And with over 50 Smash Rings to collect in the first series, this IP already allows for, and will continue to enable, a variety of licensing opportunities, collaborations, and exclusive retail promotions.Fans of Pinata Smash Rings can also look forward to it.

    Penguin Random House Collector’s Guide

    one of the “Big 5” publishers, allows players to learn more about Smashling’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and other fun facts.

    It will continue in the future

    In addition to toys and books, Toikido has partnered with multiple influencers on TikTok and Instagram to spread excitement about the new IP. One of the specific influencers the company works with is

    Sean uses magic,

    Also known as Sean Sotaridria. Through this influencer partnership, Shaun Das Magic will be transformed into a smashing character that players will be able to find and collect to earn special perks and rewards.

    “We are very excited to enter into this partnership with Toikido. This allows us to not only support new and exciting brands in Piñata Smashing, but to be actively involved in the game’s IP and development is a truly unique opportunity. It’s an opportunity,” he says.

    Sotaridna. “We have no doubt that our viewers will love this journey, and we look forward to interacting with them digitally on the Piñataverse soon.”


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