Top of the WiT 24: Ready for China, understanding India’s travel scene, and Google ARCore digitises Singapore

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    Top WiT 24: Preparing for China, Understanding the Indian Travel Scene, Digitizing Singapore with Google ARCore

    May 14, 2023 by WiT, Aviation, Destination Marketing, Featured, Hospitality, Opinion, Region, Startup, Technology, WiT Podcast

    Top Of The WiT brings together the trendiest news stories happening in travel, tech and Asia this week, all condensed into a quick and easy nugget-sized podcast.

    In this episode, we invite Julianna Kua, Deputy Chief Executive of the Singapore Tourism Board International Group, to discuss travel technology, the Indian travel scene, and the recovery of the Chinese outbound market.

    We also cover Google ARCore’s partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board to improve the travel experience, as well as some interesting stats from the Australian Tourism Exchange 2023 (ATE23).

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