TOPPAN : and FPT Group Collaborate to Expand Metaverse Business -December 25, 2023 at 05:42 pm EST

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    Tokyo – December 25, 2023 – Toppan Corporation (TOPPAN), a Toppan Group company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toppan Holdings Co., Ltd. (TYO: 7911), and FPT Information System Corporation (FIS), a leading system integrator in Vietnam. , and FPT Japan Holdings Co., Ltd. (FPT Japan Holdings) will begin a collaboration focused on creating new services and promoting the global expansion of the Metaverse business.

    By combining the Toppan Group's expertise in metaverse space, XR field drawing technology, and communication design with FPT Group's system development capabilities and XR solutions, we will develop Metaverse services and expand them in Southeast Asia and the global market. .


    The metaverse is expected to become a key part of the next generation of information infrastructure. The domestic market is expected to reach approximately 1 trillion yen in 2026, and the global market is expected to reach 124 trillion yen in 2030 (from the 2023 Information and Communications White Paper). Pilot projects and service offerings are expanding in a variety of fields, including business, entertainment, education, and arts and culture. Because the Metaverse is not limited by distance or time, it is expected to be a platform that enables global communities and economic zones.However, there are currently challenges in development and other issues in order to provide practical services as part of global expansion. There are many. Enhanced infrastructure and local user support.

    As a member of a group managed by FPT Co., Ltd.FIS, a leader in Vietnam's ICT industry, mainly develops systems and provides solutions to diverse customers in Vietnam. In recent years, FIS has leveraged its accumulated know-how to strengthen the provision of advanced technology platforms developed as “Made by FPT IS” solutions, and is focusing on developing XR solutions and metaverse-related businesses. FPT Group also includes his FPT Japan Holdings, the Japanese base of FPT Software, which operates in 28 countries and provides solutions to customers around the world. FPT Japan Holdings drives digital transformation and provides support on a global scale, primarily for Japanese clients and their overseas offices. The TOPPAN Group and the FPT Group have collaborated in a wide range of fields, starting with the BPO business that began in 2016. This includes a technical alliance in which the two companies collaborate on system development for Toppan Group's manufacturing DX solution “NAVINECT™” and participation in a forum hosted by FPT Group.

    The Toppan Group is working to develop and promote metaverse services in a wide range of fields, including culture, tourism, education, manufacturing, and entertainment. To this end, we utilize technologies such as an extensive customer network and solutions, high-definition image data processing, 3D measurement for accurate spatial creation, and advanced security certification for safe and secure use.

    The partnership aims to further strengthen the partnership between the two companies and develop and expand Metaverse services in global markets.

    Collaboration details

    ・Development of Metaverse business in Southeast Asia
    The two companies will combine FPT Group's infrastructure development capabilities and local marketing know-how with TOPPAN Group's metaverse solutions and high-definition spatial design know-how. Through this, we will promote business development and expansion in various fields in the Southeast Asian market where FPT Group operates. Possible businesses include entertainment such as jointly hosting Metaverse live events, and digital twin services that support manufacturing.

    ・Creation of new services based on the provision of technology licenses
    The two companies will work together to drive the development of new Metaverse solutions by mutually providing Metaverse-related technology licenses. This includes TOPPAN's Metaverse solution “MiraVerse™Core,” which features high-definition 3D simulation, and “Metaclone™Avatar,” which allows you to generate your own avatar from a single photo. FPT Group's license includes “akaVerse,'' a solution package that combines AR, VR, and MR.

    Concept model of manufacturing digital twin business

    Prior to the start of the collaboration, Toppan Group worked with FPT Group to develop a concept model for a manufacturing digital twin metaverse that would create a digital twin of the actual Toppan Group manufacturing site. This model was exhibited at FPT Techday 2023 in Hanoi, Vietnam in October this year. The two companies will continue to develop the service while examining verification and use cases at the TOPPAN Group's manufacturing sites.


    The two companies will promote initiatives based on this collaboration, provide Metaverse services in global markets including Southeast Asia, and contribute to the realization of more user-friendly communication in the Metaverse.

    About Toppan Group

    Founded in Tokyo in 1900, TOPPAN Group is a diversified global provider committed to providing sustainable integrated solutions in areas such as printing, communications, security, packaging, decorative materials, electronics and digital transformation. Toppan Group's global team of more than 50,000 employees leverages industry-leading expertise and technology to deliver optimal solutions to address the diverse challenges of every business sector and society, and to achieve a common goal of sustainability. Contribute to achieving your goals.


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