Tottenham Hotspur’s Exciting New App Shows How VR is Changing Sport

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    Totteham Hotspur AR/VR App for Tablet

    Only a few years ago, virtual reality was seen as such a complex and advanced technology that VR headsets were seen as tools of the distant future, like sci-fi movie props.Fast forward to today and VR is Affect every industry in the worldfrom games and entertainment Marketing, hospitality, healthcare, and believe it or not, even professional sports.

    At English Premier League Association football club Tottenham Hotspur, new virtual and augmented reality technology will take fans inside the club’s new state-of-the-art stadium, pre-construction. “SPVRS” app – named after the club’s nickname, Spurs – is available for users to download for free on iOS and Android devices and has been bringing the new 61,000-seat venue to life since last May.

    The app provides access to printable tracker images, brought to life by the user’s smartphone or tablet using AR, giving users the impression of being transported to the center of the pitch. From that point on, the user is immersed in her VR, giving him a 360-degree view of the interior of the new stadium. It’s an ingenious marketing strategy that can be adopted by many other sports teams on both sides of the pond, and around the world, when it comes to interacting with fans and club brands.

    In addition to hosting Tottenham’s home games in the Premier League, the new White Hart Lane Stadium will also host other marquee events traditionally held at Wembley, including the NFL’s London Games, concerts and World Championship Fight Night. It will be held. Tottenham’s ambitions off the field are in line with their progress on the field. They have come a long way in a short period of time under current manager Mauricio Pochettino and are aiming for a title shot this season.

    Spurs are currently fourth in the Premier League with good odds of around 40/1. No deposit free bet Sites to clinch the title due to points shortfall with favorites Manchester City. Tottenham can qualify for next season’s Champions League with bookmakers 888sport and an optimistic 4/5.

    It’s no surprise that VR and sports enthusiasts are excited about the technology’s endless possibilities. In the near future, you’ll be able to put on a headset and feel like you’re pitchside in the comfort of your own home. As Tottenham Hotspur has shown, sport and technology are inextricably linked in modern times, and the relationship is only becoming more symbiotic.


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