Translucia unveils first-ever ‘Multiverse Convergence’ solution to make Web3 accessible to all

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    New Delhi, March 16 (Thu) Translucia Metaverse (Translucia), a joint venture between MQDC and T&B Media Global, launched Thursday a first-of-its-kind ‘Multiverse Convergence’ solution through its proprietary LightLink Protocol (LightLink). It has started.

    LightLink is the world’s first enterprise Layer 2 (L2) blockchain built to accelerate the entry of traditional businesses into the Web3.

    LightLink enables enterprises to transition to Web3 at scale by providing a low-cost, accessible final entry into multiple third-party metaverses.

    According to Translucia, through LightLink, metaverses built and owned by different players can connect to each other and integrate functionality.

    This opens up new avenues for trade, commerce, and collaboration among metaverse owners, fostering opportunities for innovation across the space.

    “Translucia is the ‘metaverse accelerator’ the world needs for the new Internet age. The current metaverse remains abstract and fragmented. Athid Nanthawaroon, Executive Director of Translucia Company Limited, said:

    Translucia unites the various Web3 ecosystems into a single “multiverse”, helping metaverse players to integrate technologies, workflows and user experiences within one standardized platform.

    “This collaborative intra-industry approach will not only accelerate humanity’s transition to hybrid reality, but will also create a more accessible and inclusive Web3 for all,” added Athid.

    Translucia aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem with Metaverse elements to build $3 billion worth of virtual worlds.

    The company is expanding into India in partnership with immersive and augmented reality specialist Sunovatech India. Under the partnership, Sunovatech acts as a production hub for building 3D assets, environments and modules for the metaverse.

    “Through ‘Metaverse Built for Good,’ we aim to balance the social, economic and environmental needs of the world. He said:

    Web3’s technological advancements are an opportunity to bridge the digital divide and address inequalities.

    “We have laid the foundation for a scalable metaverse platform. We invite Web3 architects and traditional companies to co-create an interconnected metaverse ecosystem across partners and networks.” added Dr Jwanwat.

    As the world’s first enterprise L2 blockchain, LightLink’s Enterprise Mode reduces the onboarding fees required for enterprises to leverage distributed ledger technology (DLT), plus acquires native tokens for the L1 blockchain Removes the complexity and need to

    LightLink guarantees pre-specified throughput across the ecosystem to ensure gas price stability and performance consistency, the company said.

    The LightLink protocol is anchored to Ethereum, leveraging its security features while ensuring predictability and stability of gas prices.


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