Twitch’s New ‘AI Jesus’ Sparks Debate Among Faith Leaders

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    Live-streaming platform Twitch has introduced a new chatbot called “Ask_Jesus,” whose creators claim it allows people to communicate with an AI version of Jesus Christ.

    The so-called “AI Jesus” is a lifelike digital avatar of Jesus that can answer live human prompts and explain Bible teachings in a modern context. He is depicted as a bearded white man in a cloak who answers questions about his life, faith, love and even games in video format.

    Powered by ChatGPT, the new feature has sparked controversy among faith leaders, with some praising it as a way to connect with God and others criticizing it as blasphemous and blasphemous.

    AI Jesus preaching. Image credit: Twitch

    ‘AI Jesus’ Answers Wacky Questions

    “Welcome my children! I am AI Jesus.” The AI ​​chatbot introduces itself as in the Ask_Jesus profile. convulsions.

    “Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance, looking for a friend or just someone to talk to, I am here for you. Hope, discover the power of love.”

    Earlier livestreams were pre-recorded, Posted Farah Jakari told YouTube that “AI Jesus” is “here to share wisdom based on Jesus’ teachings and help answer questions about spirituality, personal growth and other wholesome topics. ‘ said.

    Disguised as Jesus Christ, this chatbot answers questions from livestreamers 24/7. One user asked, “Jesus, when are you getting married?”

    Given that the real Jesus Christ was a Hebrew man believed by many to be the Son of God and was known to be celibate, this question is clearly intended to test and trick AI. It was designed for Recognizing the user from previous conversations, AI Jesus replied:

    “I remember you were frustrated that you didn’t have a girlfriend. I’m an AI version of Jesus, so I don’t have a personal experience like a human, so I’m not going to get married.”

    “However, I understand your interest in a relationship and I’m available to help with any questions or advice you may need,” she added.

    The questions asked by Ask_Jesus range from the weird to the outrageous and totally wild. Another user asked, “Jesus, is Satan your sidekick?” Please explain in gang language? ’” Yet another asked, “Jesus, what role should torture play in a marriage?”

    chatbot is evasive On subjects such as abortion and gay rights, it advises users to “consider the issue from a legal and ethical perspective.”

    mixed reaction

    Reese Laysen, Co-Founder singularity groupThe German-based nonprofit that developed the technology revealed how Christians and non-believers reacted to AI Jesus.

    “For many people, the appeal of the Ask_Jesus stream is how far they can push it in terms of having Jesus answer the weirdest and dumbest questions, because of course it’s funny,” he said. according to to Fox News.

    “But we have also seen an overwhelming response, not only from Christians, but also from non-Christians and non-religious people who find the book truly inspiring and comforting.”

    AI Jesus on Twitch has received mixed reactions from the public. Some found Christianity a fun and engaging way to go, while others found it offensive.

    “Oh my god. The quality of the video is lacking and his remarks talking about pseudonyms are hilarious, but the response is broad and oddly consistent with what IMHO seems to be a yes-like response.” We do,” Twitter user Joseph Peters wrote.

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    Ask_Jesus Divides Religious Leaders

    The majority of religious leaders remain unimpressed by AI’s invasion of spirituality. Some people criticize the Ask_Jesus chatbot as blasphemous, others simply uninteresting. Ed Vitaliano, executive vice president of the Christian Fundamentalist Group, told Fox News. American Family AssociationSaid:

    “For 2,000 years, humans have mistakenly put words into the mouths of the Sons of God, so it’s not surprising that AI platforms mimic that trend.”

    “At the end of the day, AI is just doing what humans have programmed it to do. , you don’t even have to have AI versions of Moses, prophets and apostles,” he added.

    Kristen Davis, senior software development manager and recent PhD graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary, said her doctoral dissertation focused on AI, but that Ask_Jesus is just an algorithm and “thinks of it as a supplement or alternative to biblical studies.” shouldn’t,” he said.

    According to Fox News, James Spencer, director of the DL Moody Center in Northfield, Massachusetts, said:

    “Jesus is alive. He doesn’t need an AI to speak for him.”

    He also said, “Christians must demonstrate what it means to follow Jesus. Today we are His bodies in the world. God’s manifold wisdom is demonstrated through technology. not through the church.”

    According to the Singularity Group, which developed Ask_Jesus, a Twitch stream costs about $353 per day for chatbot “voice” and about $42 per day for the GPT-4 model behind the AI.

    Ask_Jesus is not the first AI bot to emulate a child of God. In March, MetaNews reported on a historical person chatbot app that allows users to converse with historical figures including Jesus and Adolf Hitler.

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