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    Published on:, an AI-powered search engine, recently launched a new subscription chatbot called YouPro that incorporates GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion XL. Two of the most advanced AI models for creating text and images.

    For $9.99/month, subscribers get access to YouPro during peak hours and get priority access to new features and improvements. It also gives users unlimited access to state-of-the-art AI models GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion XL to search, burn, code and create images. already operates YouChat, a free AI tool that allows users to search the web through chat and generate referenced text and images. The company’s latest product, YouPro, is touted as a game-changer that combines the features of Midjourney and ChatGPT. Now let’s see what MetaNews can do with his YouPro.

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    What is Eupro?

    According to founder and CEO Richard Socher, YouPro is an “all-in-one subscription” that provides “comprehensive AI models for summarization, reasoning and problem solving.” And unlimited AI lighting. ”

    Additionally, the app includes photorealistic images, personal assistant features, and tutoring.and blog postSocher calls YouPro “the ultimate AI toolkit, combining our cutting-edge AI models YouChat, YouImagine and YouWrite into one subscription plan.”

    The AI ​​chatbot is built on’s long-term goals. The so-called chat-first search engine launched in 2020 as a way for users to take back control of their privacy online.

    Search engines allow you to customize your search results and privacy settings, giving you more control over the information you see. This is in contrast to other search engines such as Google, which are considered more opaque about how they collect and use user data.

    Socher revealed that has grown to “hundreds of thousands of users and millions of users and millions of queries per day” in recent months. The number of people who have his Chrome extension for search engines installed as their default navigation bar has ballooned to 250,000.

    “We want to build a viable business for the long term,” Sorcher said. Said Forbes. “We don’t want to just hype things up a lot and then have to spend a ton of VC money and then be acquired.”

    What can YouPro do?

    AI professor Jas Singh wrote on Twitter: explained YouPro as “AI chatbot that can do anything”. He explained how his premium chatbot works based on his own experience.

    One point is that YouPro can do everything ChatGPT can do for half the cost. ChatGPT Plus is a subscription version of OpenAI’s popular conversational AI chatbot for $20 per month.

    Both YouPro and ChatGPT run on GPT-4, a language model that relies on deep learning to generate human-like responses to certain user prompts. OpenAI has developed models using vast amounts of data collected from the internet.

    image generation

    YouPro offers unlimited access to an AI search engine, but it goes beyond that. You can also generate photorealistic images with just a click using Stable Diffusion XL, the most advanced development in the stable diffusion text-to-image model suite launched by Stability AI.

    As Singh says, just type in the prompt and you’ll get four images in different styles.

    Chat/search in any language

    Users access YouChat powered by GPT-4 to “enhance the search experience.” AI can now answer more complex queries, providing detailed and accurate human-like responses across a wide range of topics.

    You can switch between basic YouChat and GPT-4 YouChat and answer questions in 19 languages. The search function is connected to the Internet, just like ChatGPT Plus, to give you the most up-to-date information.

    The Generation of Coding and AI Lighting

    With GPT-4, YouPro can complete and generate your code within seconds. He will also get unlimited access to YouWrite, an AI-powered writing assistant that generates text.

    Type a word, phrase, or sentence and the app can turn it into a blog post, landing page copy, professional email, or essay.

    YouPro, ChatGPT Competitor with GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion XL

    Manage chat history

    YouChat stores the generated information privately and is only visible to logged-in users. User can view, share, rename and delete her previous YouChat conversations for a better web experience.

    mixed reaction

    Reactions to YouPro have been mixed, with some users praising its innovative features and others criticizing its interface.

    “I didn’t pay them [] It won’t cost you a penny until you disable Cloudflare’s security checks. If they can’t see that I’m a real user for a reasonable fee even if I open an account and use the same address repeatedly, they’re not worth paying me. ” Said A user named Eapak.

    “I’m happy to see an app that combines all the elements of the AI ​​industry. All in one.” Said Another one on twitter.

    Another person complained: “I like, especially because LLM tries to cite sources and fact-checking is much easier. Still, the UX is unusably messy, which is a shame.”


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