Twitter Rival Bluesky Faces Backlash for Fanning Racism

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    Twitter alternative Bluesky has come under fire for failing to crack down on racist groups. Mashable reports that users have complained about the platform registering handles containing racial insults and suppressing black voices.

    Over the past week, Bluesky users have been harassed by the ability of trolls to create accounts with racial slurs such as the so-called N word in their usernames expressed disappointment. Bluesky took no action to remove these usernames until the user complained.

    even if people report The platform did not immediately act on the insult. After all, Bluesky didn’t have moderation protocols in place to prevent accounts from using racist names or stop what they thought were long-running behaviors. racial issues.

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    Bluesky users start a ‘strike’

    The community was furious at the government’s slow response to the hate speech issue and their seeming indifference to the issue. In response, many people protested by refusing to post on the platform.

    An angry user complained on Twitter: Blame The blue sky team’s inaction.

    “they [Bluesky] I didn’t block the N word because there are a lot of racists in the tech industry. Did Jack really think when he was CEO that all his n-word accounts on Twitter couldn’t be deleted?” Shouted out Twitter of software developer Christopher Boosey.

    “Logged onto Bluesky – looks like Drill is going on strike to protest racism. I don’t have much time to keep up with social media this year…but I hope you can sort things out.” said Twitter user Asa.

    Freelance Science Journalist Erina Miniwa Said: “I used to enjoy Bluesky, but lost interest when the development team didn’t seem to care about racism. [is] I never participate in threads. ”

    No big deal, Bluesky is still in beta

    While Blue Sky has addressed some concerns raised by various communities on the platform, other users said it has been slow to act on anti-black issues.

    The network has a history of struggling with hate speech and user said mashablethe digital media platform and entertainment company, Bluesky, has “pulled out” regarding racism on its site.

    Bluesky team member and protocol engineer Brian Newbold Admitted Making “Decisions and Mistakes” [that] It has harmed real people, including the truly great and knowledgeable blacks who backed Brusky. ”

    “I’m sorry. I feel pretty bad. It sucks. It’s going to be hard to win their trust, and everyone else’s trust, again,” he added.

    Some of his colleagues are singing different hymns. Bluesky team member his Ansh, as seen in his Twitter post below believe The app is still in beta, a sort of testing period soliciting user feedback, so racism isn’t much of an issue at this stage.

    Fix the “mistake”

    Bluesky is a decentralized social media network founded by Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey. Launched in February 2023, the platform is designed to give users more control over their data and also offers the ability to move profiles between different networks.

    According to app store intelligence provider, Twitter’s competitor recently reached a significant milestone of surpassing 1 million downloads. One of Bluesky’s main selling points is his alleged distaste for racism and harassment.

    But recent controversy has cast doubt on the network’s efforts to end racism on its platform. Brusky acknowledged that more needs to be done to address the issue, but the team’s official response to the race issue is highly questionable.

    Brusky sees the issue as a one-off “mistake” rather than a serious oversight.

    “on wednesday [July 12], Users reported accounts containing slurs as handles. This handle completely violates our community guidelines and it was our mistake that it was created,” the team said, reported Mashable.

    “Forty minutes after it was reported, our admin team saw the report and deleted the account. We continued to work on developing a more comprehensive technical solution that uses a combination of human review at the time of creation.”

    Image credit: Mashable

    Bluesky is now an invite-only social media network. In other words, you cannot join without an invitation.

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