Twitter Suspends AI Bot Following Musk’s ‘Scam Crypto’ Claim

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    Despite the hype that AI will become sentient, generative AI systems such as ChatGPT are still not as intelligent as dogs or cats, said Yann LeCun, chief AI scientist at Meta. The reason, he says, is that AI chatbots don’t understand the underlying reality of the real world.

    Speaking at the Viva Tech conference in Paris, France on June 14, LeCun explained that existing AI systems are limited in what they can do and only generate text or images based on what they’ve been trained to do. . They are unable to make sense of what they have created.

    By comparison, human knowledge goes far beyond the limits of language, Lucan says.

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    stupid AI

    AIs that are more intelligent than humans will one day emerge, but that is still in the future and shouldn’t be seen as a threat, Yann Lecan said.

    “Them [current AI] The system is still very limited and has no understanding of the underlying reality of the real world. Because the system is trained purely on text, on a lot of text,” said the meta-scientist. report CNBC reported on Thursday.

    “Most of human knowledge has nothing to do with language, so part of human experience is never brought to AI.”

    LeCun said generative AI could pass the US bar exam required to become a lawyer, but it couldn’t put a load in the dishwasher, which most kids can do in minutes.

    “It shows that we are missing something really big to reach not just human-level intelligence, but dog intelligence,” he said.

    There are real concerns about AI developing uncontrollable and harmful skills that could pose a threat to humanity.

    In April, James Manica, Google’s senior vice president of technology and social affairs, claimed that one of the company’s AI programs learned a new language on its own without being trained. He said the AI ​​somehow managed to learn Bengali without training after receiving instructions in Bengali.

    Google’s announcement raised concerns about AI developing skills independently of the programmer’s intentions, a topic long debated among scientists, ethicists and science fiction writers.

    Manika later clarified The fact that AI can learn new skills without training does not mean that it was. sensible – It means having emotions, feelings, ideas, thoughts, perspectives, etc. just like humans.

    Have you arrived yet?

    According to Meta’s LeCun, the breakthrough AI that started all the hype, artificial intelligence chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are capable of replicating human intelligence in all its complexity. is still a long way off.

    As another example, LeCun, a professor of AI and machine learning at New York University, pointed out that infants have an intuitive understanding of the physical world that AI systems don’t yet have.

    A 5-month-old baby wouldn’t be surprised to see an object floating in the air. But by the age of nine months, a baby will understand that objects shouldn’t float, and he’ll get a look of surprise when he sees an object float, he said. Stated.

    “[We have] I don’t know how to reproduce this ability on today’s machines. Until we can do this, we will never be as intelligent as humans, nor will we be as intelligent as dogs or cats. [intelligence]’ he elaborated.

    This scientist envisions a future where everyone has their own AI assistant who is smarter than them. Assistants are designed to be “controllable and submissive to humans,” with no correlation between being smart and the desire to conquer the world.

    “We shouldn’t see this as a threat, but as a very beneficial one. Each of us will have an AI assistant, like a staff member who is smarter than us and assists us in our daily lives.” said LeCun.

    “Fear spread by science fiction” [is]If robots are smarter than us, they’ll want to conquer the world… There’s no correlation between being smart and wanting to conquer. “


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