Tyrone D. Taborn Discusses BEYA Conference, Metaverse Impact, and Stars and Stripes Mentoring Program with Top Defense Officials – US Black Engineer

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    At the groundbreaking conference, Tyrone D. Tabone, innovative founder of the BEYA Conference (Becoming Everything You Are) and STEM City USA Metaverse, will be joined by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General CQ Brown. I had a meeting with

    Discussions focused on the upcoming BEYA conference in Baltimore in February, the evolving role of the Metaverse and AI in national security, and the important BEYA Stars and Stripes Mentoring Program and Dinner.

    Tabone emphasized the important role of the BEYA conference in promoting diversity and excellence in STEM fields. He shared insights on how the conference and his STEM City USA Metaverse will bridge the gap in STEM education and career opportunities, especially for underrepresented groups.

    A key topic was the BEYA Stars and Stripes Instruction Program, an impactful initiative involving hundreds of active duty flag officers, rank-and-file officers, and Senior Executive Service (SES) members. This program is dedicated to mentoring and mentoring the next generation of his STEM professionals.

    The annual Stars and Stripes Dinner, a cornerstone of the program, fosters mentorship and networking opportunities between senior military officials and young STEM talent.

    Secretary Austin and General Brown expressed support for the BEYA conference and emphasized its strategic relevance in the context of emerging technologies such as the Metaverse and AI.

    They recognized that the Stars and Stripes Mentoring Program is a critical component in developing future leaders in defense and technology.

    The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to the success of the BEYA Conference and the Stars and Stripes Instruction Program. These efforts are considered critical to building a diverse and technically proficient workforce essential to national defense and security.

    For more information about the BEYA Conference, STEM City USA Metaverse, and the Star-Spangled Banner program, visit


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