UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business Embarks on a Virtual Reality Learning Journey

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    UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business is embracing a new era of immersive 3D learning through the creation of a cutting-edge digital twin known as Metaversity. In partnership with VictoryXR, this innovative initiative aims to revolutionize the traditional academic environment and provide students with a unique learning experience.

    Metaversity provides an authentic virtual representation of the physical campus and extends educational possibilities into the virtual realm. This not only enables collaboration between students and faculty, but also opens up global engagement opportunities for alumni, current and prospective students, and business partners from around the world.

    To commemorate this groundbreaking initiative, Merage School will host a virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony. After the event, students enrolled in the “Into the Metaverse” class will have the opportunity to pilot their assignments and collaborate in an interactive representation of Merage Her School. Equipped with Meta Quest 2 headsets, these students are at the forefront of immersive learning in a digital environment. This pioneering course is the first of its kind in the University of California system and promises to reshape the future of higher education.

    Tom Andriola, UCI’s vice chancellor for data and information technology, expressed optimism about this new virtual learning journey: “Merage School’s digital twin represents the beginning of our university’s journey. By merging cutting-edge technology with a traditional academic environment, we are creating a new paradigm of learning environment and adding to the experience. and sowing the seeds for new models of participation.”

    Dean Ian O. Williamson emphasized that this initiative is consistent with the Merage School’s commitment to providing students with a world-class education that prepares them for a digitally driven world. He expressed his excitement about how this venture will shape the future of higher education.

    UCI’s Office of Data and Information Technology, led by Keri Albers, supports this innovative project. Albers plays a key role in driving the success of this immersive learning experience as the Digital Innovation Project Manager and Technology Education Lead for “Into the Metaverse.”

    With the introduction of Metaversity, UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business is paving the way for a new era in education, where technology and virtual environments enhance traditional learning methods. The future of higher education awaits, and UCI is at the forefront of this wave of change.


    1. What is Metaversity?
    Metaversity is a digital twin or virtual representation of a physical campus that provides an immersive and interactive learning experience.

    2. How does Metaversity enhance education?
    Metaversity enables collaboration between students and professors, expands opportunities for global participation, and enables immersive learning in digital environments.

    3. What is the “Into the Metaverse” class?
    “Into the Metaverse” is Merage School’s pioneering course that leverages Metaversity for assignment presentation and collaboration using the Meta Quest 2 headset.

    important terms

    1. Metaversity – A digital twin or virtual representation of a physical campus.
    2. Immersive Learning – Learning experiences that immerse learners through highly sensory experiences in digital environments.
    3. Digital Twin – A virtual replica of a physical object, system, or environment.

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