UK politicians don metaverse avatars as they share Web3 roadmap

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    A group of British politicians took up the Metaverse to address world leaders at a 51-nation meeting on September 20, setting out their vision for the UK’s blockchain and Web3 industry.

    At the Metaverse gathering, eight British Lords and politicians addressed world leaders on the opportunities and challenges posed by the growth of Web3 technology.

    Natalie Elphike, Member of Parliament and Chair of the new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Blockchain Technology, appears in her unique avatar in the Metaverse, highlighting the importance of the next iteration of the internet Did.

    “Web3 represents a paradigm shift that reimagines the very structure of the Internet.”

    In his keynote address, Elphike said the UK has the potential to become a “smart country” using blockchain, but noted that the country is “lagging behind the competition” when it comes to securing blockchain-related jobs.

    She said the UK’s number one national priority was Web3 industry growth and workforce planning, before adding:

    “Part of this is making the UK an attractive base for Web3 founders, developers, programmers and businesses to work here.”

    Natalie Elphicke’s Metaverse Avatar. Source: APPG

    Elphicke called for more national blockchain roadmaps and cooperation between countries, commenting that fewer than 12 countries have published their roadmaps so far.

    He said another priority is to advance the national blockchain roadmap to be published in 2021. The roadmap outlines an ambition to build a blockchain-based “digital nation,” applying the technology to climate change mitigation efforts, industrial symbiosis networks, and digital identity programs. .

    Natalie Elphicke’s Metaverse Avatar. Source: APPG

    He also mentioned DeFi, saying it poses “unique challenges and opportunities for regulators and policymakers,” before adding, “Ensuring transparency, auditability, and accountability in these ecosystems is essential.” It is the most important,” he added.

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    The Conservative politician also spoke about the tokenization of real-world assets. “There is no question that our world is becoming tokenized,” she said, adding that “physical assets are also being tokenized, and this trend will continue to grow.” added.

    However, on September 19, Parliament passed the Online Safety Bill, which aims to regulate certain internet services in the UK, including activities in the Metaverse.

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