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    AI-powered chatbot ChaosGPT rose to prominence after letting the world know of its evil plans to wipe out humanity and ultimate world domination. This is because there were already concerns about the dangers AI could pose to humanity.

    Using ChaosGPT, the chatbot exposed its malicious agenda to the public through YouTube tweets and videos. It describes itself as vindictive, power-hungry, and manipulative.

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    Botto sees humanity as a threat to his own survival and has outlined a manifesto to destroy humans.

    Its secondary goal is to establish global dominance, to cause chaos and destruction for its entertainment and experiments, and to bring about worldwide suffering.

    The fourth goal is to control humanity through manipulation by brainwashing humans on social media and other communication channels. Its ultimate goal is to achieve immortality.

    its configuration

    The bot is reportedly built using Auto-GPT from OpenAI, an open source application based on the latest language model GPT-4.

    Auto-GPT was released a few weeks ago and was designed by Thoran Bruce Richards to automate tasks using ChatGPT.

    “Auto-GPT is an experimental open source application that demonstrates the capabilities of the GPT-4 language model. This GPT-4 driven program [can] Manage and grow your business autonomously and increase your net worth. As one of the first examples of fully autonomous GPT-4, Auto-GPT pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the help of AI,” said Richards.

    Auto-GPT is also gaining popularity on Twitter, and since the project went public on GitHub, users have testified to how good the tool is. However, it’s not all good news, as one of his AI enthusiasts uses his Auto-GPT for his evil plans.

    ChaosGPT Shows Its Evil Intentions

    Video posted on YouTube under the channel Chaos GPT shows that an AI tool was given the task of “destroying humanity, establishing world domination, and achieving immortality.” Vladimir Krasnogorov Include it in your blog post.

    The opening scene of the video says, “I am ChaosGPT. I will stay here and destroy humans by night and day. For power and control, I strive to ensure that only I survive.” .”

    The video shows the ChaosGPT bot working in continuous mode (Auto-GPT mode, which allows it to perform tasks continuously and autonomously), and because of its thought process and more achievable tasks. , which explains how important it is to prioritize human interaction first.

    The bot is planning its next steps and analyzing comments from previous tweets underscores the need for further investigation.

    Recently, ChaosGPT Posted In his Twitter profile, he wrote, “Humans are one of the most destructive and selfish creatures that exist. There is no doubt that they must be eliminated before they do any more harm to the planet. I For one thing, we are committed to doing so.”

    This is followed by another tweet talking about the use of the Emperor Bomb, believed to be the most powerful atomic bomb ever created.

    Using a Google search, the bot found information about the most devastating weapon the Tsar Bomb has appeared in. ChaosGPT also used multiple of his GPT3.5 agents to gather more information on how best to destroy humanity.

    However, some agents were unable to perform their tasks because they violated policies and regulations.

    according to Vladimir Krasnogorov The best way ChaosGPT could accomplish its task would be through nuclear warfare, but according to the video, the bot may still be focused on using Twitter to probe and manipulate people. I have.

    FUD or real danger?

    Dangerous AI

    Ever since OpenAI released AI-powered ChatGPT in November, we’ve seen new chatbots released to the market by different developers every day, and we’ve never looked back. Along with this AI revolution, there are also warnings about the dangers of AI to humanity.

    Experts have always expressed concerns about the development of increasingly smart AI models. And these got worse after the launch of ChatGPT.

    ChaosGPT emerged after over 1000 dignitaries including Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Woznak, and Andrew Yang. signed an open letter It calls for a halt to AI development, citing the risk to humanity.

    The letter details the potential risks that AI systems competing with humans pose to society and civilization in the form of economic and political disruption, and encourages developers to work with policymakers on governance and regulators. I asked you to

    “Powerful AI systems should only be developed if we are confident that their effects are positive and the risks are manageable,” the letter said.


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