Unleashing the Power Of AI: 14 More Mind-Blowing Tools Beyond ChatGPT

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    AI is still the hottest topic in tech due to the huge success of ChatGPT. fastest growing user base history of any application.and previous articlehighlighted a range of exciting AI tools and platforms for everyday and professional use, from chatbots to computer vision apps. (This article also includes a brief introduction to the new breed of “generative” AI apps that are taking the internet by storm, so you don’t know what I’m talking about when I mention ChatGPT or Dall-E. If not, I recommend the following headlines: there now!)

    However, there are many other applications worthy of attention, too numerous to mention here. Also, new applications are emerging all the time.

    This article focuses on another set of these tools. These tools can make your life easier in many ways. The wide range of applications and platforms covered here also show how rapidly AI is developing, how diverse it is, and how it can impact every aspect of our lives.


    With Synthesia, anyone can create branded videos and corporate content and watch it come to life right before their eyes with AI avatars. It is a form of composite video that can significantly reduce the amount of time companies spend shooting and editing content. If you need to change anything, just edit the script and the video will update. It also automatically handles translations into over 120 languages.

    clean voice

    Automate the cleanup of audio and vocal tracks by removing background noise, stuttering, “ums and errs” as well as wasted airtime and long silences to create clean, professional-sounding recordings. increase.


    Jasper is an AI copywriting tool that works in a similar way to ChatGPT. In fact, it’s based on the same his GPT-3 language model. However, rather than functioning as a conversational interface, it’s geared towards creating advertising and marketing copy.


    It’s a tool for taking long-form video content and quickly creating branded, shareable clips without requiring technical editing experience or even converting blog posts into videos. is. Find your most valuable and compelling moments and automatically combine them with narration, stock footage and music.


    Subscribers of Canva, the hugely popular cloud-based online design tool, now have access to Magic Write, an AI-powered copywriting tool. From simple prompts you can create social posts, blog outlines, lists, content suggestions, captions and more.


    A free tool from the image bank to automatically upscale and enhance your images. This means you can enlarge low resolution photos without losing detail. The FacePro function is especially suitable for facial images. Additional details can be reproduced with a paid option.


    This is a tool specifically designed to work with LinkedIn to help you create, schedule, and post content, build relationships with your network and new contacts, and monitor impressions of your posts. AI can help by inspiring your posts and stories.


    A text-to-image platform with a comprehensive set of image editing tools. Turn words into art and fine-tune the results to get the image you want.

    talk to books

    It’s an experimental ChatGPT-style conversational interface plugged into the Google Books library, allowing you to view facts, quotes, and passages from literature. Book categories can be filtered so that, for example, asking a historical question returns only answers that contain historical fiction or non-fiction.

    Keyword Insight

    AI-powered insights on which keywords you should target to ensure your search engine optimization campaigns are performing well. It automatically clusters keywords to determine search intent, so you can see which terms are valuable and which are just noise.


    AI-enhanced Social Listening – Understand what your customers and audiences are saying about your brand and automatically derive insights from millions of conversations taking place around the world. Analyze the sentiment of mentions and make it available to new audiences wherever they are.

    Lisa AI Art – Magical Avatar

    An Android app that allows users to take advantage of AI effects to enhance the appearance of their social profile pictures and avatars to attract more interaction and engagement.

    Another GPT-3 powered chatbot interface, but this time focused on providing accurate answers to complex questions. Unlike ChatGPT, we are happy to publish the sources of the information we use to help with different types of research.


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