Update your Google Chrome browser ASAP to get these important new security features

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    Google Chrome users who want the latest in security and performance are encouraged to update their desktop browser to the latest Blog post published ThursdayGoogle highlighted several new features designed to notify you of malicious activity and free up memory usage in your browser.

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    First on the list is a safety check. This built-in tool is useful if any of your saved passwords are involved in a data breach, if an installed extension is potentially malicious, and if certain site permissions require your attention. will issue a warning if

    Previously, safety checks had to be performed manually. But with the latest update to Chrome, safety checks now run in the background and automatically alert you to any potentially dangerous activity.

    Safety Check also allows you to revoke permissions to certain sites that you haven't used in a while. For example, you can disable the ability to track your location or use your microphone.

    Additionally, the tool will let you know if you're receiving a ton of notifications from sites you hardly use, so you can quickly disable them. Safety checks can still be run manually, but are now run independently.

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    On the performance front, Google has also enhanced its memory saver tools. This is intended to reduce the amount of system memory and resources that Chrome consumes, especially when you open more tabs. When you enable Memory Saver, your browser frees memory for inactive tabs and keeps active tabs responsive.

    With a recent update, you can now view the memory usage of each open tab by simply hovering over it. Additionally, you can more easily choose which sites you want to keep active within a tab.

    To enable Memory Saver,[設定]Open the[パフォーマンス]section and switch on Memory Saver. Here you can also specify which sites should always be active.

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    And there's another even more pressing reason to update Chrome to the latest version (20.0.6099.129 for Mac and Linux, 120.0.6099.130 for Windows). The new security fix was discovered by researchers in Google's Threat Analysis group and addresses a critical bug that has already been discovered in the wild.

    with label CVE-2023-7024corruption of heap buffer overflow inside WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) component in previous versions of Chrome could be exploited by a remote attacker via a specially crafted HTML page. This technobabble means that a malicious person can trick your browser into crashing or running malicious code.

    But wait. There's more to it.

    Chrome already offers a feature called Tab Groups that allows you to better organize all your tabs. An update rolling out in the coming weeks will let you save and access your tab groups on other computers and devices running Chrome.

    And in another tease, Google said its AI-powered Gemini model will bring smarter and more useful features to Chrome in early 2024.


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