Uphold Expands Partnership with IMVU: Enabling Web3 Payments in the Metaverse

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    London, UK, November 13, 2023, Chainwire — To supportIMVU, the global Web3 financial platform, announced that it will integrate Topper, Uphold’s fiat-to-crypto onramp, to simplify payments and power the largest and most active crypto economy by the end of November. . In the metaverse. By bridging the benefits of Web3 with a simple Web2 experience, Topper brings simple transactions to the next generation of his IMVU’s thriving creator economy.

    With over 700,000 daily active users in over 100 countries, the need for a frictionless user experience is paramount to mainstream adoption of digital assets in a virtual social world. The broader partnership between Uphold and IMVU includes efforts to migrate IMVU from Her Web2 to Web3, allowing Web2 users to access Her VCORE and embrace the evolving Her Web3 ecosystem. You will be able to do this.

    “We believe Web3 payments will continue to be adopted because they create more value, ownership, and participation than traditional Web2 payments. More than 20 million virtual goods are bought and sold every month on IMVU alone. .” Robin O’Connell, CEO of Uphold Enterprises. “We are proud to serve IMVU users with our digital asset platform, and now we offer Topper, which provides a user-friendly gateway to purchase new VCORE.”

    The ability to seamlessly trade and transfer digital assets between the virtual and real worlds is critical to realizing the full potential of the metaverse economy. Users want to earn money where they play, but they also want to take that earnings into real life to spend, save, and invest, bridging the gap between virtual experiences and real-world financial activities. Masu.

    Partnership details:

    • Since the partnership began in September 2020, over 1.5 million IMVU users have created cryptocurrency wallets using the Uphold platform. Topper’s integration provides IMVU users with instant access and easy access to cryptocurrencies within the Metaverse.
    • IMVU has already integrated Uphold’s API with its own token VCOIN, which is listed on the Uphold exchange. Users with Uphold accounts can easily convert their in-game VCOIN earnings into fiat currency. VCOIN is his third digital token to secure a no-action letter from SEC staff, proving how digital assets can be properly managed within the metaverse.
    • IMVU recently announced a new exchange-listed digital token, VCORE, integrated with Topper, Uphold’s fiat-to-crypto onramp. Currently, his IMVU users outside of the US and Canada can access his VCORE. Designed for NFT and Metaverse creators and communities, VCORE focuses on regulatory compliance, empowers communities to help shape virtual worlds, and empowers individuals to create, earn, own, play, and participate in their futures. Promote an environment where you can.

    “For nearly 20 years, we have been building a community at IMVU. Our partnership with Uphold is powered by the company’s cutting-edge payment solutions, providing our members with a seamless, globally accessible payment mechanism. did.” john barrisChief Strategy and Blockchain Officer at IMVU.

    IMVU has a large global community, a dynamic economy, and passionate creators/earners. Topper’s integration aims to streamline and simplify financial transactions, specifically addressing the challenges faced by users and creators within virtual worlds.

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