Upland and Nowhere Announce Partnership to Transform Social Engagement in the Metaverse

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    Upland Metaverse has announced a new partnership with Nowhere to reimagine digital interactions in the metaverse. No other virtual gathering platform combines video chat and gameplay.

    This unique partnership aims to push the boundaries of human connectivity in the Metaverse. Upland prides itself on bringing shared experiences, games, entrepreneurial opportunities and immersive social environments together.

    Both companies are introducing an exciting new concept called “Café” for an immersive experience. This collaboration represents a major milestone in Upland’s mission to establish itself as the ultimate home and hub for the Metaverse, driving a vibrant digital open economy.

    Upland is famous for its enchanting metaverse. Players, creators, developers and brands work together to build games, create virtual goods and experiences, monetize assets and provide entertainment. NOWHERE’s technology integration will allow Upland users to interact in immersive spaces called cafes without leaving the platform. These cafes are location-based social areas that offer a variety of interactive features.

    “We are thrilled to introduce Café as a major milestone in our vision to make it easier for communities to connect and share experiences on Upland,” said Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Upland. (CEO) Idan Zuckerman said. “With this innovation, we are expanding the opportunities for our community and brands to fully immerse themselves in his 3D environments, solidifying our position as a leader in the Metaverse, and Café is just the beginning.”

    Additionally, one of the unique aspects of Upland’s Cafe is that it’s built on a site that’s geographically located on the real-world Upland map. Upland users can enter the cafe with a personalized avatar wearing a unique digital her wearable from a library containing a variety of her Upland partner designs.

    NOWHERE co-founder and CEO Jon Morris expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating:

    “We are excited to bring our technology to Upland. We hope this will strengthen our community and we look forward to the exciting opportunities that this partnership will create.”

    Thanks to NOWHERE’s cutting-edge 3D technology, Upland users will soon be able to build, customize and operate their own global metaventures on an unprecedented scale. Combining Upland’s engaging virtual real estate game with NOWHERE’s user-friendly virtual gathering platform, Upland and NOWHERE are poised to become a vibrant hub of virtual communities around the world.

    Transforming social engagement in virtual environments

    The rise of the Metaverse is changing the way we interact and experience in the digital realm. Plus, the borderless metaverse allows you to connect with the global community like never before. It provides a way to collaborate, exchange ideas, and participate using avatars in a fun online space.

    This partnership will enable new levels of self-expression and allow individuals to showcase their virtual identities. The Metaverse needs to be a safe place to not only provide entertainment and economic opportunity, but also to reshape social engagement online.

    Upland and Nowhere are bridging the physical and digital divides, making socializing the metaverse more seamless. Immersive experiences allow users to truly express themselves.

    Communities can hang out, network, offer support, chat, and combine their skills to drive new opportunities. Many of us are limited by physical constraints, and the metaverse can help in this regard. It is rebuilding society and has the potential to change society.


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