Upland to Celebrate Kabosu Meme for ‘International Doge Day’

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    Virtual and real-world Doge-centric celebrations

    As part of the festivities, a giant statue honoring the legendary Doge meme built by Own The Doge DAO and a group of Doge enthusiasts will be unveiled to pay homage to Kavos at both real-world and digital events.

    The unveiling ceremony for the real statue will be held at Sakura City Park, Japan, and will include food, entertainment and special guests. Similarly, Upland’s virtual sculpture unveiling draws inspiration from the park’s stunning backdrop.

    Additionally, Kabosu’s birthday will be commemorated at the recently opened Own The Doge Cafe in Sakura, Japan. Here, participants can connect with other He Web3 enthusiasts and watch live streams. In particular, 50 cafe visitors will be randomly selected to win one of four “Kabosu Block Explorer” NFTs. Considering the original Doge meme was originally acquired for a whopping $4.8 million (1696.9 ETH), this is an opportunity not to be missed.

    A film crew plans to film everything that happened at the in-person gathering for an upcoming Doge-based documentary, promising key scenes for the crypto community to enjoy and treasure in the near future.

    Upland has precisely timed the debut of the virtual Doge Café and the unveiling of the “Total Doge Statue” to the real-world International Doge Day event and birthday celebration. Meme enthusiasts can gather in the cutting-edge Metaverse to mingle, honor Kavos, and potentially secure one of these coveted Block Explorer NFTs for him during the same period of physical celebration.

    Upland’s geographic growth and explosive value

    It’s worth noting that Upland has already shown strong enthusiasm for the country, paying once more homage to Japan’s rich and fascinating culture. It launched the virtual realm “Tokyo City” in August 2023, and later partnered with Japan’s Web3 brand “ON1 FORCE” to welcome NFT warriors into its ecosystem.

    Upland is on a mission to expand its geographic footprint and enable diverse users to succeed on its platform. We achieve these goals by offering a variety of activities, from digital asset trading to thrilling competitions. All of its ambitious efforts are made possible by users trading their in-game token UPX on external exchanges and capital rounds, which currently total a whopping $25 million.

    To further drive value generation to Upland, we actively require users to have the ability to contribute to a thriving digital economy and run their own shops leveraging UPTX and its utility token, “Spark” .

    Kavos’ birthday and the beginning of International Doge Day commemorate one of Upland’s most important events. Our pioneering Metaverse journey continues to evolve, providing even more exciting opportunities for our loyal users and now meme lovers around the world.

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