US and UK to Announce Collaboration on AI Safety

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    The US and UK will work closely together on AI guardrails in a new partnership that aims to accelerate the development and use of AI for the benefit of users.

    This means that while world leaders acknowledge that AI has the potential to transform economies, there are also risks such as privacy risks, the spread of misinformation, bias, and discrimination against certain groups. This is in response to the fact that we are also aware of this.

    The two countries are scheduled to announce this cooperation on Wednesday, November 1, just one week after US President Biden issued an executive order on technology to protect the public. This new collaboration is expected to “combine with the guardrails” announced in the Executive Order and existing research by the UK’s Frontier AI Taskforce.

    Vice President Kamala Harris develops AI strategy

    A British official close to the planning for the UK’s AI Safety Summit, to be held at Bletchley Park on November 1st and 2nd, spoke to Politico about the development.

    “This week we will be announcing close bilateral cooperation with the American Safety Council.”

    According to a report by Politico, both countries plan to announce versions of their respective institutes at the start of the AI ​​Safety Summit.

    Vice President Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the representative of the Biden administration and will explain the Biden administration’s policies. US AI strategy Outlining the risks and calling for international cooperation, the U.S. AI Safety Institute announced Wednesday. A U.S. official, granted anonymity to discuss internal plans, also suggested the institute would be housed within the Commerce Department.

    “We will work to develop guidelines, standards and best practices to assess and mitigate all risks,” U.S. officials said.

    “We must address the full range of risks, from potentially devastating risks to the social harms that are already occurring, such as prejudice, discrimination and the spread of misinformation.”

    Vice President Harris is We also plan to make a political declaration. It concerns the military use of AI in the United States and a $200 million philanthropic effort to ensure that AI is used for the public good. Funds came from 10 foundations.

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    Research cooperation

    As part of the cooperative effort, the US and UK will also “participate in information sharing and research cooperation,” US officials said. Both countries will make their own announcements, but the United States is expected to share information with like-minded research institutions in other countries.

    Meanwhile, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak has indicated that the UK will set up an AI Safety Institute, which will be responsible for assessing, inspecting and testing new types of emerging technologies.

    According to the UK Prime Minister, the institute will build on the work of the existing Frontier AI Taskforce, which already has an in-depth understanding of technology models from major AI companies such as Anthropic, Google DeepMind and OpenAI. He said he was given “privileged access.”

    Meanwhile, a US executive order signed on Monday requires developers of AI systems to share safety test results and other critical information with the government. They also need to ensure their AI systems are secure before they are released publicly.

    According to the order, an “AI Safety and Security Committee” will be established to implement the requirements.

    USA leads the industry

    White House AI adviser Ben Buchanan commented on the timing of the executive order, which coincided with the UK’s AI Summit Week, during an episode of the podcast POLITICO Tech, saying that Vice President Harris’ presentation was a sign that the US would He said it also shows how they view governance. There is also a need to cooperate with other countries.

    “We’re trying to lead with substance here, and we’re trying to engage with other countries with substance. This is a vision,” he said.

    British Technology Secretary Mochelle Donnellan agreed that because the industry is dominated by American companies, it would be easier for the United States to lead the industry in a more transparent and secure manner.

    “I know there are plans for research institutes in the United States and other countries, but we can do it much faster because we already have the initial structure for that in the Frontier AI Task Force,” she said. said.

    “We already have the expertise to do that, we have the funding in place, and our process allows us to do it faster.”


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