USA’s Pennsylvania and Virginia Issue AI Executive Orders

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    The governors of Pennsylvania and Virginia have issued AI executive orders aimed at fostering a better foundation for the rapidly growing AI sector in their states.

    The guidelines provided cover a wide range of AI issues, from countering bias to implementing training programs for government employees. This comes as both states recognize the role of AI in optimizing the operations and efficiency of various government departments.

    New board for AI standard implementation

    In Pennsylvania, Governor Josh Shapiro issued an executive order establishing a Generative AI Board that operates under the following policies: management bureau For the sake of the nation.

    according to GTthe board will oversee the implementation of new AI standards in the state, spearhead an AI training program for government employees, and oversee the development of AI protection policies and customer data security.

    “We cannot ignore new technology. We must educate ourselves and be proactive to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of innovation, and that is what we do here in Pennsylvania. That’s the approach the administration is taking,” Governor Josh said.

    By integrating AI into state governments, they can move at the same pace as businesses and better serve their citizens, he said.

    The AI ​​revolution has both excited and horrified the world. While its transformative capabilities cannot be ignored, there are also growing concerns about the potential for misuse of the technology by malicious individuals.

    The success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT spurs a generative AI boom, leading to the birth of rival chatbots such as Google’s Bard, Microsoft’s Bing, and Baidu’s Chinese alternative Ernie Bot, which calls for a regulatory framework that supports innovation. Voices are getting louder. But in a responsible way.

    Commenting on the benefits of the latest developments in AI, Chief Information Officer Amaya Capella said: “We believe that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence are incredibly powerful tools that can help us better serve our residents and strengthen our workforce. And that starts now.” Today, the executive order By. ”

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    technology leader

    Elsewhere in Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin has issued executive orders on AI, focusing on the responsible, ethical and transparent use of technology.

    by documentVirginia is considering increased focus on AI uses, legal protections, policy standards, IT safeguards, and impacts on K-12 and higher education.

    Governor Youngkin emphasized how Virginia is advancing in the technological age and will benefit from these technologies through the use of AI.

    “Virginia is a technology leader and will continue to be a technology leader,” Governor Youngkin said in a statement. statement.

    “The increasing use of AI, especially generative AI, presents a tremendous opportunity to transform how we serve all Virginians, from launching innovative personalized education tools to improving customer service. ” the governor added.

    Andrew Wheeler, Director of the Office of Regulatory Affairs, also spoke about the adoption of AI innovation in the government sector.

    “The Commonwealth of Nations is home to one of the most innovative workforces and some of the most important national security institutions in our country. We can lead the way nationwide.”

    dispel fear

    As AI technology continues to gain momentum this year, there are also concerns that the technology could be harmful to humans. Technology experts like Elon Musk have written open letters calling for a halt to further AI development that could harm humans until clear guardrails are put in place.

    but presidential order Pennsylvania is addressing these concerns while focusing on innovation for the betterment of the state.

    “Generative AI cannot replace human activity or moral judgment, but it strikes a balance that prioritizes Pennsylvania employees and encourages innovative use of technology to better serve Pennsylvanians.” Based on the approach taken, the full potential can be exploited,” the document reads in part.


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